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From Camp Girlfriend To Wife

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How I met my wife while working at a summer camp


I had just finished up my freshman year in college when I decided to work at a summer camp to earn some money. It was a sleep over camp I had attended while I was 12 thru 15. After arriving at camp and seeing a lot of people I went to camp with I then ran into kim. Kim was 19 and going to college. Her parents were co-owners and kim has been brought up at camps. On the first night we were allowed get off campus I was sitting next to kim. Well not next to she was sitting on my lap because we had packed up someone's SUV. We started to talk and I felt I knew her from somewhere. Kim smiled and told me two places. When I asked where she said volleyball. I looked at her and asked where dhe went to school. Kim named my college. I laughed and told her she was on the volleyball team. My roommate was dating her best friend. Then kim told me we went to day camp together when we were 5 years old. I asked how she knew that. She smiled and told me her parents told her.

Over the next few weeks were got closer and closer and one night when I had to watch the upper tennis courts for free play kim came up and visited me. She sat in my lap facing me and we kissed. sparks went off for me and I was hard in seconds. Kim noticed and told me how wet she was. Since she was wearing shorts and no one was around I slipped a finger into her shorts and felt how wet her panties were. I rubbed my finger up and down her panties and kim shivered. I then slid my finger under them and felt her wet pussy. I slid my finger in and out and kim was moaning. After a few minutes I then rubbed her clit and she moved her head forward and put her face into my shoulder and moaned louder and then bit down on my shoulder as she her had an orgasm. I took my finger out and put it into my mouth and licked off my fingers. It took kim about 5 minutes to recover. She told me that was a first for her.

Before we could do something about my problem free play ended. Kim jumped up and told me she would make it up to me. She then leaned down and we kissed. She ran back to her cabin whistling. Me I had go the long way to my cabin since I had a major hardon. Once I was in the cabin I took a cold shower and went to evening activity. All of kim campers were looking at me funny and even some of the staff. After evening activity we went back to the bunk and since my campers were 13 they were able to go to the canteen. While walking over one of kim's friends asked to talk to me. She asked what I did to kim because she has a smile on her face like no other. I smiled and told her I had no idea what she was talking about. When I entered the canteen Kim came up to me and gave me a kiss and thanked me. I asked if she told anyone and kim smiled.

A few nights later I was assigned purgatory. The far gate. The gate was a mile from the main gate where the garbage was picked up and all supplies were. Usually a male and female staff member sit it. Tonight they were short females and I was going alone. I walked down the rode and past the mess hall and went another 1/4 mile to the far gate. I had a book and a flash light. I sat down and started to read. About a half hour later I saw someone walking towards me. It was kim and she had a folding chair and a blanket. She gave me a kiss and opened the chair and sat next to me. I asked what she was doing. She smiled and told me making something fair. With that she put her hand on my crotch and started to rub me. In seconds I was hard. Kim told me to take off my shorts. I did and she pulled down my underwear and looked at my dick. She told me it was perfect. Then she started to rub my dick and balls. Soon she found a rythem and was jerking me off while I was moaning. When I was close I told her to go faster. Kim was going as fast as she could and then before I could say something I fired 3 big loads of cum. Kim shouted and started to laugh. Once I stopped cumming she licked her figers and told me I tasted good. I pulled my shorts up and we relaxed. I looked at her and told kim I was falling in love with her. Kim looked at me and said me to.

Three weeks later we were able to switch my day off to kim's. Before we left her mom wanted to talk to us. Kim's mom told us she know's were are getting very close to each other and have been sexual active over the last few weeks. She also told us her husband knows as well. She looked at me and told me she remembers me as a little boy and always like me and my family. She then told me if I hurt her only child she would not be happy and her husband does carry a gun. I looked at her and told her I loved kim and yes we were active and are going to rent a room tonight. I then told her I was going to see kim in college and keep our relationship ongoing. I even told her that one day we may even get married. This surprised kim and her mom. Kim looked at me and asked if I was serious. I told her after we graduated from college and get a job I would. Kim smiled and we looked at her mom with tears in her eyes and she told us to have a good time. Then she went to her purse and took out her credit card and gave it to kim.

We rented a room a few towns away and once we entered the room attacked each other. We stripped and climbed into bed. Kim looked at me and told me she was a virgin. I told her so was I and smiled. We kissed a few minutes and touched each other. We both kissed and kim cried out how much she loved me. I told her I loved her too.

When we caught up with a bunch of the staff the next day they all knew what we did. I had a big smile and kim face was glowing.

I stayed an extra week to help shut down the camp and then went back to college. I met up with kim at her room. She was just unpacking and we started to make out when her roommate walked in. Her roommate smiled and told me it was finally good to officially meet me. We stayed over each others place for the rest of the semester and then I found a place to live off campus. Our parents paid for it and were now living like a married couple. We never had fights and when we did the make up sex was great. I worked the next to summers with kim and her parents. We were even giving our own cabin.

Towards the end of the summer Kim's parents asked me what I was going to do about work. I had a few leads and they knew kim was going to teach. KIm's father told me he was going to be buying out the old owners, who were in their seventies, and wanted me to work full time for the camp. I asked if he was serious. He looked at me and asked if I was about getting married to his daughter. I went to my jacket and pulled out a box. He sat down and opened it and told me he had his okay to marry kim. Kim's mom started to cry while looking at it. Her dad told me he wanted me to work with them and in the future take other the camp in the future. I pulled some strings and had our college band and cheerleaders arrive and camp to help with me asking kim to marry me. While at dinner everyone started to hear the band play. Everyone went outside and I was the last band member caring a drum. The band played a song and when all the drums were in front of the camp they flipped the drum over and spelled out kim, will you marry me. Paul. I then took off my hat and band jacket and got on one knee and asked if whe would. Kim cried yes and we kissed.

We were married at camp the next year during visiting day and invited every alumni the camp had. Our honeymoon took place after camp. About four years ago we welcomed in our twins. One boy and girl. They will be camp lifers just like their parents.



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