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From Boofhead To Buffguy

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When I was 18 I developed a full blown crush over my step brother Chris. I couldn't help myself; when we first became a family the guy, who is about 18 months older than me was such a dork and seemed to be developing into a complete boofhead. I mean he was overweight and greasy and spent most of his time in front of a computer in his room. At home he usually wore stained tee shirts and baggy shorts. He got into trouble a few times because he hung out with a couple of other boofheads he thought were his friends. Once when we went to the beach I had to go into the bushes to pee and discovered that the three of them had followed me and were trying to get a perv.

A few years ago Chris started to change. His dad gave him a real rark up and I guess he decided to listen for once. He started things like running and weight training and he started taking care of himself and got a part-time weekend job. Soon he had developed into a really nice person and he began to remind me of the actor who plays Sam Winchester on one of my fave shows Supernatural. You get the picture. Anyway, one day after school I was in my room getting out of my uniform to have a shower. I didn't realize that Chris was home so I had my door open because it was a hot day. I had just taken off my bra and was about to drop my panties when Chris, who was only wearing shorts, walked past. He glanced my way and stopped. We stared at each other and I found myself blushing when I realized I was topless.

But, for some reason, instead of covering up my breasts (35b) or shutting the door I just said 'Hi Chris' and found myself letting my panties drop to the floor. About a week earlier, just for fun and to see how it felt, I had trimmed and waxed my pubes, leaving just a small strip of hair so that my pussy lips were fully exposed. It was like electricity! Chris turned red and his jaw fell but he didn't stop looking. I saw the bulge in his shorts grow and I felt my breasts and nipples harden. My pussy spasmed a little and became really wet and I could feel my lips starting to swell. Somehow I picked up my soap and towel and walked out into the hallway, smiling at Chris as I walked past. As he stared after me I wiggled my bum and went into the bathroom.

As I stood under the shower my heart was pounding. Why had I done that? But soon I started seeing that bulge in Chris' shorts. I began to wonder how big his cock was. What did it look like? How would it feel in my hand or mouth? What would it feel like pumping inside me? What would it feel like to have cum squirt deep into me? It was too much. I started masturbating, sliding my fingers up and down between my swollen, hungry pussy lips. My clitty slipped out from under her hood and I gently teased her. I gasped and moaned to myself and found myself muttering 'Oh Chris' as my muscles started to spasm. Those wonderful spasms pulsed outward and up and down my spine. My knees weakened and I grunted happily as I orgasmed. I patted my pussy and finished my shower, my head still filled with erotic thoughts.

After I toweled myself down I realised I had no clothes. To get to my room I had to walk past his room. I was about to wrap the towel around me when I thought 'Why not?' So, heart beating again and pussy starting to heat up again I walked naked back down the hall. As I went past Chris' room I peeked in his open door. He was standing naked and facing the door with his hands behind his back. He smiled. I smiled as well because his thick, beautiful cock was almost exactly as I had imagined it.



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