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Frigging in an Suv

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Leather seats, bare bum and pussy and a stream of cool air in Barry's luxury SUV. What more can a girl want?


About six months ago my best friend Kerry and I were lying in bed after a long, hot session of mutual passion. I was just quietly teasing her juicy little cunt when she started telling me about her brother Barry, who is about ten years older than us. His totally brainless, loudmouthed slut of a wife had walked out a few months earlier after shacking-up with some loser. Little sis was worried about Barry because he had wrapped himself up in work and had no social life. Now I had developed a crush on the guy since I was like about 14 and what girl wouldn't. He looks like a younger, sexier version of Grissom from CSI; about five foot ten, with curly dark brown hair, sparkly green eyes, a fantastic smile and wide shoulders, ripped abs, slim hips and ooooh! such a tight little butt! My fingers spent plenty of time pleasuring my pussy while I dreamed about his penis sliding in and out and in and out of me. Never happened 'cause the loudmouthed bitch got her claws into him before I was old enough for him to notice me.

So anyway, my pussy started tingling and juicing up, partly because Kerry's fingers were gently rubbing my labia, but mainly because she was more than hinting that maybe I was in with a chance with her big bro? Just in case I hadn't noticed she said that she had mentioned to Barry that I hated the stupid little chin warmers that some guys wear just below the lower lip. It so happened that Barry had grown one; the day after Kerry had described my dislike of the things his strong, slightly cleft chin was clean-shaven once again. That revelation got me so excited that I rewarded Kerry with a finger fucking that left her sweaty and limp and gasping. Then we had a shower and laid plans. Kerry had already persuaded Barry to take a weekend off to relax and go fishing at his favourite small town on the coast. Now all I had to do was come up with a reason why I needed to be there on the very same weekend. Like, I have a cousin down there who has just had a baby! I hadn't seen her for a few years and maybe Barry could take me down? Kerry's eyes lit up and she rang her brother. Lying next to her I started pleasuring myself when I heard his voice. After I heard him say 'Yea, sure I can drive her down...' and Kerry rang off I made sure she was as sweaty and limp as she had been earlier; she is such a good friend!

A few days later it was Friday after work. I managed to race home in time to strip off, grab a quick shower and put on my tight summer dress ; without a bra it lifted and accentuated my 34b breasts and my nipples. The skirt hugs my hips and bum and ends just a couple of inches below my crotch. At first I wasn't going to wear any panties, but I thought that would be too obvious so I slipped on my favourite red thongs. I had already shaved and trimmed my pubic hair into a thin strip either side of my lips and the thin silk felt great against my skin. Then I slipped on a pair of sneakers. Finally I popped a pill, just in case. I was hoping and wanting to feel Barry's bare cock squirting cum deep inside me. I was ready. Was Barry?

He was driving his luxury SUV. The leather seat felt so cool and good under my bare backside. For the first couple of miles I was a little nervous but Barry was being his usual friendly self and he had Santana, one of my favourite musicians loaded into the CD player. Turned out he's a fave of Barry's as well. Soon we were laughing and chatting and I started feeling relaxed. A few miles later we were in the middle of a monumental traffic jam on the freeway out of the city. Barry apologised, but like there was nothing he could do about it. Besides, I was getting a little horny. Barry's white slacks showed an interesting bulge which I was eager to check out. It was hot and muggy day and with the car stopped...hmmm. I told Barry I was getting a little hot, could he show me how to set the air conditioner? He showed me what to do and soon there was a cool breeze wafting up my skirt. Heart thumping I released the safety belt, opened my legs and said I felt much better. Then I grabbed his hand and held it against my cunt.

Barry kind of gulped and stared at me, but he didn't move his hand away. I smiled and we kissed as his fingers started to gently massage my mound through the thin material. His fingetips felt along my groove. My tongue shot into his mouth and wrestled with his. Soon his fingers eased the crotch of my thongs aside. Then he was teasing and stroking my bare cunt lips. I gasped happily. This is what I had been hoping for. Barry had to break off to move the car forward about five yards then he unzipped his fly and let me pull out his penis. God it was so wonderful! I pulled his foreskin down and sighed. That lovely deep, deep red mushroom head! Those veins and the thick shaft! I could feel the ribs with my fingertips. I got sooo wet just looking and holding that I left a patch on the seat. I eased my thongs down my legs and stepped out of them.

We needed more room so Barry moved my seat right back. I moved around to face him, and with my back to the door, opened my legs wider and lifted my skirt way up letting him have a good look at my genitals. Barry soon slipped a finger into me. My vagina was so wet it was squelching as Barry's finger slid in and out. Barry slipped another finger into my soaking cunt and I found myself moaning as an orgasm started to take hold. His fingertips massaged my vaginal walls. I moaned louder as my muscles started to spasm. My toes curled and I could feel my nipples stiffen as wonderful sensations ran through my body. Gently, his thumb circled my wet and sensitive clitty. That did it! I humped his hand and a stream of my cream ran down past my arsehole and dripped onto the seat. He laughed and kissed me and said I was amazing. Then he somehow managed to get down far enough to lick my juicy pussy lips. The people behind us blew an impatient horn and Barry had to move the car forward. I took the opportunity to lower the top of my dress and rub some of my cunt juice over my stiff nipples and swollen tits. I purred happily and stroked his curly hair as Barry kissed and sucked on my nipples and ran his tongue around my areole. Down below his hand was massaging my mound. I had another quick cunt quake then I got Barry to sit up so's I could work on that wonderful cock.

I had some body lotion in my bag and I spread a little of that, mixed with some more of my cunt cream, on my hands. Now it was Barry's turn to sit back and relax as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. He started making some long shivering moans as I hand pumped him. Rubbing his sperm crack made him sit up and a little drop of pre-cum oozed onto my hand. I pumped his gorgeous penis steadily. Every so often I leaned over to kiss and lick his knob; we didn't know when he would have to move the SUV forward so I promised to give him a decent blow job later. Soon, it was obvious he was about to shoot. He said he probably shouldn't cum on the steering wheel because of all the switches. I had a brainwave and shrouded his cock with my thongs. Soon enough he came with a deep grunt. A lovely stream of pure white semen squirted all over my panties. We both had a good laugh at that, and Barry said he could think of another place he'd like to squirt, if that was okay with me. Like, yeah!

About an hour later we were off the freeway and on a back-country road. Barry parked the SUV down a dead-end track, in the middle of the bush. We spent about an hour there, making the vehicle rock, and we spent most of the rest of the weekend in a hotel bed, enjoying each other more than I can describe here (is there somewhere else I can show the photos on?).



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