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Friends With Privileges

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Back in middle school I was starting to learn of sex, I found out that humping my bed felt really good and it made stuff shoot out of my dick. In the 8th grade I finally found out what was going on through a friend, and he went on to teach me nearly everything about sex. But most importantly, he taught me how to properly masturbate. I told him what I knew, and he told me what he knew. We became really open with each other over time, and we even shared about our orgasms and the kinky things we tried to obtain them.

One night he invited me over to stay the night during spring break. Soon after arriving, our conversation topic moved to sex and he asked me if I'd like to look at porn, and so I said ok. He opened a video of a girl rubbing lotion on her boobs, and quickly it became apparent that my friend was aroused. His breathing was heavy and I could see a bulge in his pants. Soon he said 'I'm sorry, I gotta take care of this', so he got up and undid his belt and pulled down his pants, then his boxers. My eyes became fixated on his cock, it was so nice and big that I couldn't help but stare at it. Soon I felt my dick stiffen even harder, and it became harder to not give it attention. My friend got out a box and pulled out some lotion and lubed himself up, then he massaged himself and closed his eyes and moaned.

I could no longer ignore my massive erection, I too removed my pants and lubed myself up. My friend looked over at me, then down at my cock. He grinned vaguely, and then his cock noticeably got even bigger and he started jacking it faster. We then were paying no attention to the video, only to eachother. Our moans became loader and more passionate, and our bodies moved closer together. We sat across from eachother, staring at eachother's dicks.

I was first to cum, it shot over to him and hit his hand and cock, which sent him over the edge. He came hard, his cum landing on my chest and stomach. After we calmed down and cleaned up, we just sat on his couch, still nude, and said nothing...we just stared at each other. Then he spoke, 'I need a shower...want to join me?' He led me to his mom's bathroom, which was very large. The shower was big enough to fit 5 people, so we had enough room to mess around. He turned it on and we stepped inside, and soon we started jerking off again. 'Hold on a sec,' he said 'let me get something' He got out and soon returned with a bottle. 'This stuff is great, it lets you jerk it in the shower effectively. Here.' He poured some into his hand and started rubbing it on my cock, which loved his touch. I moaned, and so he kept rubbing. I loved how it felt to have his hand on my dick, and soon I orgasmed into it. After that, we stared at eachother, and then he moved over to me and kissed me. We kissed passionately, then furiously began jerking each other off. He pinned me on the wall, and my free hand rested on his ass. Soon we had wonderful orgasms at the same time.

After we dried off, we headed off to his bed where we slept nude. In the morning, we experimented even further...with oral...



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