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Friends With Benifits (Part 1)

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It all started when this guy (lets call him Mike) that one of my friends knows brought us home from a party on night. When he pulled in the driveway my friend handed him a 5-dollar bill and thanked him for the ride. I knew I didn't have any more money on myself so I looked at him to tell him that but some how something else came out my mouth. 'Sorry I don't have any money but how about next time I give you a lap-dance to make it up to you?' my friend's eye's nearly popped out her head but he just laughed and said 'ok'. I smiled and thanked him again making sure he got a good look at my pink thong, up my skirt as I got out the car.

The next week I went to a football game at Mike's and my friend's school (I go to another one about 30 minutes away) we hung out with him and his friend the whole time and joked around and kept grabbing each other's asses and boobs. I was dressed very skanky wearing a short skirt and very low cut top. We both kept mentioning that after the game I would 'pay him back' on the ride home. I keep laughing as he started groping my ass and breast in plain sight of any one in the student section of where we were sitting.

During halftime he went and got some sunflower seeds. 'You know what would make these taste better? ' he asked me while staring at my cleavage. 'No what?' I answered. 'This,' and he poured a few on my chest and then licked them off me. I just getting very turned on at this point and licked his neck which he did back to me. We continued to flirt and touch each other the rest of the game.

When there were only a few minutes left we decided to leave to beat the rush. By this time his friend and mine were making out and holding hands (later after everything was over she told me that they had been talking for a few weeks before that.) they sat in the back leaving me in the passenger seat. The whole ride to my friend's house I couldn't help but think about how wet I was and that there were still quiet a few sunflower seeds in my bra.

When we got to the house my friend told them to park behind the house and we were going to cal them in about 10 minutes. As they pulled away she explained that we were going to sleep in the camper in her back yard so that we could hang out with them and then they could leave at any time, all we had to do was get ready and get our stuff in the camper.

We said good night to her parents and headed for the back making sure that we unlocked the gate. Once we were all settled she asked me which room I wanted because she was taking the bedroom. I said the lower bunk bed was fine with me. Then we reapplied our make up and called them.

When they got in the camper the first thing that happened was Mike got behind me and put my hands into handcuffs and then pulled me in the small bathroom. (So much for the comfy bunk-bed...lol) We started making out and he groped my ass again as I slid my legs around him. He then set me on top of the sink and spread my legs and started feeling all over my legs all the while never breaking the kiss.

He then started to kiss down my neck to my cleavage again and started unbuttoning my shirt to get at my C-cups. I looked down to see him smiled as he unhooked my pink bra with the hook in the front. Sliding the shirt completely off me and leaving my bra open he started to suck on my nipples while still feeling my legs. During this time I tried to get out the handcuffs or at least put them in front of me. I finally released one of my hands and ran my fingers through his hair. He then kissed me again and pressed his growing erection against my crotch.

I playfully grabbed it and then unzipped his jeans. He reached down to undo his belt and pull himself out. He was not very big at all, maybe 5 in. This being the first time seeing a penis I was drawing a blank on what to do then absently mindedly grabbed it and started moving my hand up and down it. It was very hard by this time and had some precum already dripping out.

He started to moan and close his eyes instructing me to go faster. I did and he started to cum a lot. All over my leg and hand. He then grabbed a towel and stared cleaning off my leg and then himself, as I put my shirt back on.

After he finished cleaning up he put my hands back in the handcuffs behind my back then rolled up my skirt. He kissed me again then put his hand against my crotch to feel my wetness. Sadly we didn't get any farther than that because his friend ran into the bathroom with his pants still unzipped tell us to be quiet. (Apparently her little brother was at the door to ask my friend something.) I joked about how I was at this point sandwiched between them and could feel their hardons on either side of me, mike being in front and his friend pressed against my ass. They got even more aroused and started humping me on both sides and feeling up my breasts.

After her brother had left my friend came and got her guy out of the bathroom and they went back in the bedroom. I then lay down in the bottom bunk as Mike followed lying on top of me and started to make out with me again. Sadly they had to go to make their 12:30 curfew but it was a great first time I like to think. When we walked them out I pulled mike aside a told him that I didn't want a boyfriend, but that I was just looking to hook-up. He told me he wanted the same and that he would call me so we could get together and hang out the next weekend.

After they had left we went back inside the camper and gossiped about what we just did, exchanging the dirty details and giggling the whole time (what can we say were teenage girls.) The next day I woke up with sunflower seeds still in my bra and I missed call from him, but that's another story.

To Be Continued...



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