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Friends With Benefits

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Friends with Benefits
I'm a 22 year old male college student. This is something that happened just before the end of last semester. I have a friend named Julie who I have known for all four years I have been at school. She's pretty, with long brown hair and huge tits. She and I always talk about sex with each other but up until two months ago, we had never done anything with each other.
During one conversation we were having about masturbation, Julie mentioned that she was looking for someone with whom she could have a strictly physical relationship. I didn't say anything at the time but immediately my mind began to race with the thoughts of what we could do together. Later that week, we had decided to hang out at her apartment and do some drinking (we discovered that in four years we had never gotten drunk together) I went over to her place and she was sitting there with a few of her roommates talking. I sat down and immediately began drinking to catch up with them.
After about an hour we went out to a club where we danced a little until it closed. On the way home, Julie and I sat next to each other in the back of the car and she put her hand in between my legs up close to my crotch. I immediately did almost the same thing to her to let her know I was interested. We got back to the apartment and her roommates decided to go to bed. Julie told me I couldn't drive home because I was too drunk and she invited me so sleep in her room. I accepted right away. I got into bed with her and we both lay there for a while talking and cuddling. After a while, I got up the nerve to mention what she had said about wanting a purely physical relationship with someone. She knew where I was going immediately and said she was unsure that we could have that since we had been friends for so long. Something about the way she said it convinced me that perhaps she was thinking the same thing, however. I leaned over and began to kiss her and to my surprise, she kissed me back. I rolled over on top of her and slipped my hand under her tee-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and I carressed her tits while we kissed. After a while she sat up and I took off her shirt. We continued kissing for a while until I reached down underneath the pajama pants she had on. Her panties were wet and I stroked her pussy for a while. After a while, she shifted positions so I could remove her pants and panties and I proceeded to take mine pants off as well. We continued to kiss deeply and I would occassionally suck on her nipples.
I made my way down her stomach and began to eat her out. I could tell she was excited because she would thrust her pelvis into my face and I was overcome with her scent. After a while I came back up and continued to kiss her. She then reached down and grabbed my dick. I've never really been active sexually and I'm actually still a virgin (not because I'm horrendously ugly or anything, I'm just picky) so you can imagine how excited I was. She began to stroke it slowly and I shifted positions so that it was easier for her.
Like I said, I was pretty drunk so it took a while but after about ten minutes I could tell I was about to cum. I climbed on top of her and she began to stroke me faster until I shot all over her chest. We ended up sleeping naked for the rest of the night and woke up in the morning without any awkward words exchanged. I just got back to school so I'm anxious to see if we'll have another night like that one. Hopefully, we will.
Hope you liked my story. If any ladies out there wanna email me, it's



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