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Friends With Benefits

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If you like sex toys this is the perfect place to work


My housemate works in a vibe store that is targeted at ladies. She is 35 and divorced with no kids. She had been married to an older rich ass hole, who dumped her for a younger model. She had signed a pre-nup that guaranteed a modest roof over her head an annuity income so she would never be destitute but not much else.

She had for 15 years been living the high life jetting all over the world sailing, skiing, she served on some local philanthropic boards but had never worked a day in her life. She bought a nice house after the divorce but after a few months she did not have the money to do the things she wanted so she took me in as her room mate. She doesn't mind my frequent absences all night, or when my college age kids visit. It's ideal for both of us I do the cooking she does the laundry we hire out the yard work. She never learned to cook they always ate out.

We are from different ends of the spectrum me the worker bee, party girl, her social queen, and loaner. Life for her after the divorce was very lonely, I asked her to go out with me, but the bars did not have the cut of people she was looking for. She whined about being horny all the time, but other than having a locals membership at the resort, she did nothing to meet people. I asked her if she had any toys she said she would not know what to get and wasn't interested in buying a piece of junk. She also said she went into one place where they sold stuff like that, she was so embarrassed and intimidated she walked right out without buying anything. I tried to help her buy something on line but she was too embarrassed to even talk about it. I finally suggested she go to the girl's vibe store that just opened across town. I wouldn't have known about it except for a chamber of commerce news letter that came to my boss. I figured a store that catered to ladies and advertized in the chamber news letter would be a safe bet.

She came home with several toys; she went immediately to her room and spent the whole evening trying out her new toys. In the morning she came out for breakfast absolutely glowing she thanked me about 20 times for sending her to the store. She thought she would be nervous but the owner was friendly and knowledgeable and because the store had not had a grand opening. She was the only customer for almost an hour.

She was giddy about one toy in particular. It was a pretty standard rabbit but was rechargeable or could run on a cord. She spent 20 minutes explaining all the features; I couldn't get a word in edgewise. She said 'You have to get one of these things'. I'm more of clitoral orgasm girl but I was intrigued. Here she said, let me show you. She rips off her robe and hops on the bed and pats it for me to join her. We had never so much and seen each other nude and she was preparing to put on the show that was soaking me already. She started slowly just touching her clit with the phallus, a few moments later she had it in her and was moaning, she asked me to use it on her. I was reluctant but as I began to probe her inner depths, her breathing became shallow and rapid. I was really getting horny myself. Then her breath caught and she arched her back and shrieked. It took her a while to catch her breath; she was ebullient when she could finally speak. 'That was amazing! You have to let me do you.' Thoughts of cleaning the vibe, condoms and lube never even crossed my mind. Never would I have sex with a man without such measures. She was so slow and gentle it was driving me crazy. I was cresting the wave of mini orgasms for about five minutes, finally just as I was about to take over she jammed the nose of the rabbit on my clit and I launched literally off the bed the only thing touching were my head and feet. After 30 seconds I was so sensitive I had to rip it out of her hands and scream enough. She just beamed and said didn't I tell you. I was completely exhausted and fell into a deep and restful sleep. She woke me at noon for lunch. She had ordered in.

I created a monster. After about a month of going to the store weekly one night she came home happy as lark. She had been hired as a commissioned sales person for the girl's vibe store. She was just what they was looking for to attract high end clients. Of course in order to sell anything you have to try it out. She spent her whole paycheck every week for a month familiarizing herself with the stores line. She spent all day working and we spent all evening playing. She says to me nothing gets her horny like talking to ladies about what gets them horny and what they are looking for in a toy.

Well word got out to her old circle of friends who lost touch with her after the divorce they had money and they spent big money in the store. She was well on her way to a six figure income. Her sales represented 60% of the store sales. Other than the owner all the girls who worked there were in their early 20s. She finally went to the owner and said either sell me 1/2 the store, or I'm going out on my own. The owner would have been out of business if she did not take the deal. They expanded to sexy clothing and lingerie. But every thing was very up scale. She got back into the country club which really pissed off her ex, and everyone who was anyone would shop at her store just to show they were, with it. She has since opened another store in a college town, different name and they sell mostly inexpensive toys, but the model is the same. She seems to never get tired of trying out what's new, and when she has something she thinks I might particularly like, she insists on using it on me.

We rarely sleep together and are not lesbians in how we conduct ourselves outside of the house, but it sure is nice knowing we are looking out for each other. I don't see either of us getting married again. Though we both now have boyfriends. We never bring them home. Other then close friends and immediate neighbors most people think we each live alone.



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