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Friend's Wife

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I hope my friend never learns about this!


My friend, Larry, not his real name, has the hottest wife. She has beautiful store bought boobs, she is blonde, and 44 years old. Whenever we are all together she is always giving me a pretty warm goodbye kiss and a warm hug when I leave. I have fantasized about her many times while jerking off.

Larry had to have some surgery the day before Thanksgiving. It wasn't a life or death surgery, just something he had to have done. He was laid up in the hospital throughout the Thanksgiving long weekend until Sunday when he came home.

I went to the hospital to visit on Friday and I spent a nice hour there talking to Larry and his wife. She had been there practically all day long. When I was ready to leave she told Larry she was leaving too and she told him she would be back the next morning, so we left together.

As we walked out of the hospital she asked if I were hungry. I was starving. She asked if I wanted to come by her place on the way home and she would whip up some food, so I followed her home.

At their house we ate and had a refreshment or two and talked. About two hours later I told her I needed to go. As usual she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, only this time it was different. She parted her lips and kissed me and explored my mouth with her tongue. I immediately got into heavy kissing with her. As we took a break from kissing and just hugged tightly she told me that she really liked me. Then she started kissing me again. She was passionate!

Her perfectly shaped large breasts were pressed against me and her crotch was pressed tightly against my growing hardon. Before long I was extremely hard and we were grinding against each other. I told her I loved her body. I was being somewhat shy about placing my hands on her body. She took my hand and placed it squarely on one of her breasts. Soon I was busy with both hands under her shirt playing with her boobs. I whispered I wanted to see them. She took her top off then her bra. My God. They are gorgeous! I immediately started sucking her nipples. She told me how good my hard dick felt against her pussy and she lowered a hand and started rubbing me through my pants. Between kisses and gasps for air she said she wanted so see my dick.

As I unzipped my pants I told her I wanted to look at her pussy too, and we both removed our pants ... actually, we both stripped naked. She has a perfectly trimmed bush. I was so damn hard!

We continued making out, grinding my naked dick against her pussy, and now and then stopping to separate a little and use our hands and fingers on each other. I was fingering her as she stood and she was jacking my dick. I wanted to really look at her pussy well so I told her to lay on the couch. She laid down and spread her legs wide open for me. She has very well formed pussy lips that naturally part exposing her clit and opening below her neat pussy haircut.

I told her then that I had dreamed of this very moment, and that I had jacked off countless times fantasizing about her. She said she had done the same fantasizing about me too. She then said she would love to watch me jack off. I kneeled on the couch between her legs with my eyes glued to her pussy as I started jacking myself. She used her fingers to separate her lips even more and finger herself and rub her clit. I told her as I was jacking how much I'd love to fuck her and she told me she would love to fuck me too, but she said this time she wanted to watch me jack off.

It didn't take me long. I don't think I've ever been so hard and so turned on as I was then. She told me she wanted me to squirt my cum all over her. With those words I began cumming and pumping cum all over her tummy. She said that was so hot to watch!

We continued making out naked for another half hour or so and we finally dressed. When I left she gave me a really long warm kiss and she said she never wanted Larry to find about about any of this, but she said next time we could get together she was going to fuck me until I couldn't walk!

I can't get over what just happened with my friend's wife. I kind of feel guilty, but she was the hottest women I've ever been naked with. I can't wait to arrange another time alone with her. Somehow!



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