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Friend's Toys

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Wife's best friend


Just a few years ago, my wife and I were living apart due to work. I was in my hometown and stayed with my parents, and my wife was in another major center working on a project (I was to move there as soon as I found a new job).

Living with my parents again, was a bit of a challenge. I get along with them really well but it was difficult to find some quiet time to do some extra work in the evenings and to look for a job.

One evening I was talking to my wife's best friend (who I always thought was very cute), and she suggested I come over to her home the next time. She was going out for the evening, and I could use her computer and have some quiet time to myself.

So the next night, I headed over, knocked on the door, and she let me in. I got the usual big hug (mmmmmm!). My wife's friend was dressed up and looking very pretty. She said she had to get going but pointed me towards her laptop and told me to help myself to anything I needed. She was to be back in about three hours.

She headed out and I got to work. Of course, I couldn't stay focused on work, and started to think about her. My wife was out of town, and I had known her friend for many years.

A few months earlier, she was visiting us before my wife left, and I overheard her saying to my wife that ever since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend she had needs and decided to buy a toy to pleasure herself with. I was in earshot and she knew it, and I couldn't help but look at her and I grinned. She knew I could here-she often teased me when she was single.

So here I was sitting in her home, and I started to wonder. Of course, I couldn't help myself, so I got up from the computer and wandered into her bedroom, and looked around.

I first opened her bedside table, figuring that's where I might find her toys, but there was nothing. I looked around her room, and checked her dresser as well. No toys, but I saw her panties, bras and other revealing clothes.

I went back to her bed and reached between her mattresses and found the hidden treasure!

She had a couple of toys, and then wafted her beautiful scent! I assumed they were used often or recently. Mmmmm...

At this point, our friend had been away for an hour. I decided I would take her word that she would be gone for at least another hour, and decided to take off all of my clothes and lie naked in her bed. Of course, my heart was beating like crazy. I was taking my clothes off in her bedroom, had her vibrators, and for all I knew, she could always come home early and I would be caught red handed.

I pulled back her bed covers and crawled into her bed naked. I was really hard and very turned on. I started to stroke myself, and I knew I wouldn't last long. I then took a wiff of the vibrator again, and moved it down my body, pressing it against my testicles. All I could picture was her in a similar position in the exact same place, doing the same thing most nights.

I shot my load relatively quickly, and realized I better get cleaned up quickly and return her room back to its original order.

I climbed out of her bed and made it, put the vibrator back between the mattresses, and then scooped up my clothes on the floor and headed to her bathroom.

I was in her bathroom for less than two minutes when I heard the door open and a voice say 'I'm back!'.

That was SO close. I shouted 'in the bathroom' and proceeded to finish cleaning up and getting dressed.

A minute later I walked out of her bathroom and she asked 'did I get lots done?'

I sure did.



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