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Friend's Sisters

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This happened 30 years ago.


When I was in seventh grade my friend's house was the neighborhood party house. His parents were rarely home and his two older sisters brought their friends there regularly to hang out without adult supervision. I did not envy his situation but this had an effect on me and my friend. He was my age and his sisters were probably 14 and 15. The girls were both blonde, thin, sexy, and wild. They could be really mean to us or really nice. It didn't matter either way because I thought they were both really cute. We could sometimes watch them make out openly in the living room or in the basement. Also, we could steal their panties and smell them. This was a major turn-on. I did not have sisters, so it was exciting to see them in this sexual light, kissing and petting with boys, sunning themselves in bathing suits in the back yard, or to smell the sweet-and-sour dampness of their panties. I was always excited to be around them. Once my friend gave me a pair of his sister's soiled panties to take home with me. I hid them in my closet. At night I would hold them over my face and suck on the crotch or just breathe in their scent.

It was my friend who first taught me about masturbation. He would borrow his dad's porn magazines and a pair or two of his sisters' panties and suggest we go into his room or the bathroom and 'jerk off.' I knew that his sisters looked at the porn magazines too, because I had watched them do it in the living room. They would make fun of the pictures. The first few times I did not really know what 'jerking off' was, but I followed his lead and pulled on my cock until it got hard, while looking at the porn magazines and sniffing the panties. He told me to spit on my hand because it feels more like a real pussy. Even though I had made out with girls and had even fingered one (possibly to orgasm) at summer camp the year before, I had never cum and was still pretty clueless.

We 'jerked off' a few times. He would cum but it took me a few more times, doing it alone at home, before I really understood what all the fuss was about. I had then just recently had my own first private orgasm when one summer afternoon he got some magazines and suggested we jerk off together in the bathroom. We spread the open magazines on the floor and, surrounded by ass and pussy, stood there stroking. Then one of his older sisters banged on the bathroom door telling him that she needed to pee. The girls had been gone when we went into the bathroom. My friend said he wasn't done and she said for him to hurry up. Then she asked if he was alone. He said I was with him and she told us to come out and 'jack off somewhere else.' I remember that knowing she knew what we were doing made me afraid but even more aroused. I did think though that one way or another we were in trouble. My friend was nonplussed. He acted tough. He just told her to fuck off and kept fucking his wet hand.

Then she opened the door and we quickly pulled up our pants over our hard-ons and stumbled out into the living room. She peed. When she came out she was holding the stack of magazines and told her sister and their very cute girl friend Debbie, who was also there, that she had caught us looking at porn and playing with our hard dicks.

The girls took interest in this. Her sister took the stack of magazines and started thumbing through them and said she didn't know we were old enough to be hard or to do that yet. The three girls all started looking at the magazines and one of them told us to wait there. They often played the role of mother when it suited them and she was taking charge like an adult. The other two girls were engrossed in the magazines. Then she basically said 'if you don't show us your hard dicks and how you play with them, how you get them hard, then we are going to tell mom what you were doing.' I got scared. But I don't think my friend cared if his mom knew. He just looked over at me with a sly grin and sheepishly replied 'OK.'

I was scared but excited. We all went down into the basement. Things get a little fuzzy here in my memory, but I do know that soon he and I were standing there nude and we were pulling on our limp dicks to get them hard, as the three girls alternated giving us orders. We just let them take the lead. They told us to touch our cocks and to bend over and show them our assholes. This drawn-out ritual, which involved us spreading our ass cheeks open for them, was strangely titillating. I distinctly remember that while being bent over, one of the girls stroked my asshole and played with my cock and balls, describing to the other girls what my body felt like, as I pulled my cock for them. Eventually I got very hard. I was getting very excited and my friend said they should show us their bodies too. 'It was only fair.' I would have never been so bold.

Debbie already had her hand inside her shorts, which I had not noticed before, and was diddling herself, so she was the first to oblige. I didn't even know then that girls did masturbate. I guess I had thought about it and was fascinated with the idea of a girl with her legs spread fingering her pussy, but just exactly what it would look like escaped me. It was a fantasy becoming a reality. She just dropped her shorts and spread her legs wide on the couch, pushing up her shirt and bra to expose her small breasts and hard nipples. Seeing her tan lines alone was enough to make me want to fuck her. I was mesmerized and trembling. She was even cuter than the sisters. She must have been very turned on because she was really into showing us her pussy. She asked me to come closer and take a good, long look. I knelt in front of her spread legs until I was told not to.

The sisters undressed. Everything after that becomes a bit of a blur, but, with the girls in strict control, we all sat naked in a circle and masturbated together, occasionally fondling one another or spreading our legs to show everyone how we got off. One of the rules that first time was that our knees had to touch. And sometimes one of us would stand in the middle of the circle. I got to play with the three girls' butts, tits, and assholes and finger them a little. We did exactly what they told us to do and they watched us and we watched them as we masturbated. It was the first time I came in the presence of another person, let alone a girl or in this case three girls. The girls all tasted our cum, comparing the saltiness and sweetness.

We repeated this scenario in different ways a few times after that. One of the sisters would come to us and ask if we were feeling like jerking off. Then we would all sit around quietly and look at the porn magazines until someone would begin to touch his or her crotch. Then things would go from there. Usually the girls would give us orders, telling one of us to begin to stroke his cock or to drop his pants or to pull out his dick and pull it until it got hard. Or they would tell us to go over and play with a girl's nipples or butt. I especially loved to run my finger down the crack of one of the girl's asses until she would get really worked up. One time I was instructed to jerk off by rubbing my cock against the clit and pussy lips of one of the girls. I really wanted to fuck her but it was out of the question.

Once when I came over to see my friend and he was out, and the younger of his sisters was there alone, she was on the couch covered in a blanket and wearing just her panties and a t-shirt. I knocked on the front door and she asked who it was and told me to come on in. I think she had been masturbating, because an open Penthouse magazine was there on the coffee table and she was warm and sweaty. The TV was on. She suggested I stay and watch TV with her. If I wanted to, she said, I could look at the magazine. I started looking at the magazine and she knew this would have an effect on me. She opened the blanket, exposing herself. One thing led to another. Eventually she took me by the hand to her bedroom. She and I masturbated together in a 69 position on her bed, with her pussy and ass spread wide over my face and her face over my cock. It was her suggestion and it was more intense than ever before. We didn't suck each other. But I wanted to. She was dripping wet and talked really dirty to me as we stroked ourselves wildly.

Like always, she was in firm control. She said she wished I was older and could fuck her. We masturbated together twice that day. After we were finished, she told me I could never tell her brother or anyone else that we had done that. She told me to get cleaned up and to go. That fall the girls started dating high school boys and were not interested in us. My friend once asked Debbie and them to jerk off with us and they laughed, telling us we were too young and inexperienced. Not long after that their family moved away.



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