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Friend's Sister on Cam

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So my friend Bryan has a little sister who is so smoking hot that it hurts my brain to look at her. She's a brunette with olive skin and big brown eyes and long hair and a body that would blow your mind. But because Bryan is my friend and she is his sister, I never really made any comments to him about how hot she is.

Well one night I was sleeping over at his house and we were up still at like 3:00 am, and by that time we were tired and laughing at anything stupid and talking about things we don't normally talk about. I said that if I had a sister as hot as his sister that it would be hard to not try and sneak a peak of her naked. And when I said that he suddenly got this really weird look on his face, and then just as fast he tried to look like he HADN'T just gotten a really weird look on his face.

So I said, 'Dude! Have you seen her naked?!?!?' He was like 'Shut up! She's my sister!' But I kept pressing. I was like, Holy S....! If she was my sister I would do everything I could to try and see her naked! Just tell me if you have because I will be SOO jealous!

Finally he said,'Ok, I have, and if you SWEAR to not tell anyone, I'll show you.' I was like, 'Huh? Show me how? You're going to show me your sister naked? She might not agree with that idea.' But he said, 'She will never know. I have videos of her on my flip cam.'

I went nuts! 'SHOW ME SHOW ME' I was almost screaming. Turns out he asked for a flip cam for his birthday, telling his parents it was because he wanted to make action movies with the guys (and we had) but the real reason was because he wanted to hide it in his sisters bedroom.

Bryan was like 'Ok I'll show you but dude, if ANYBODY finds out about this, I will KILL you because I will know you told them.' So he went to his room and got a flash drive that was in the back of his closet inside a boot that was covered in dirty sweats and t-shirts. He plugged it into his computer and pretty soon I was looking at a shot of his sisters empty bedroom. In a second her door opened and she came in with one towel around her body and another around her head. In a flash both towels were off.

I could tell I was breathing heavy as I watched his beautiful sister, naked, stand in front of her mirror and examine her body for a few seconds, even turning around to check out her own ass, before she opened her drawers to put on panties and a bra. Her ass was a thing of pure beauty! Those long legs that I had previously seen only in my fantasies.... so slender and supple! Her boobs were so cute and perky and bouncy when she walked!!!

I've seen a mountain of porn on the internet but those girls were all in their twenties or so. This was the first time I'd ever seen a girl naked who was fourteen years old! It blew my mind how perfectly formed and tight her body was!

The clip ended and the screen was black for a second and then it came back to her empty room. Then the door opened and she came into the room wearing a one piece swim suit, which once the door was closed and locked came off fast! This time she didn't stand in front of the mirror but she just got dressed in normal clothing quickly. But what was sweet was that she had her ass to the camera when she bent over to pick up something off the floor and we got a sweet view of her pussy from behind. We paused it on the shot for a long time.

So, all in all, he had seven different clips of her getting naked in her bedroom. She never did anything kinky... just got dressed is all. And to be honest the quality was not great and she was small in them because he had it set to zoom all the way out. But who cares!!! By the time we'd seen all seven we'd seen every inch of her naked.

When they were over, we watched them all again. And then again. We paused them each time in select spots when her boobs or her pussy or her butt were in full focus.

The shot of her bending over with her butt facing the camera was the one we spent the most time looking at. And while staring at it, I was hit with a powerful urge to jerk off. While it was paused there, I let out an audible groan without even realizing I was doing it.

'Dude. Have you jerked off to these videos?' I asked

'What do you think?' he said.

'I want to sooo bad.'

'Don't let me stop you!' he said with an evil smile.

Now Bryan and I are good friends, but not good enough that we've ever seen each others boners. As badly as I wanted to blow a load, I didn't like the idea of whipping it out and stroking with him right next to me.

'I got another video to show you' he said. He opened another file and before I knew what was going on, I was watching a video of Bryan stroking his shaft while he was watching his naked sister on a monitor. I stared in awe, and if possible, felt my penis swell even larger than it was. I watched him shoot his load all over his stomach, and although I'm not gay, I was really amazed at what a turn on it was!

'That's it' I said. And I unzipped my pants and took it out. Bryan looked at it with delight. 'Go back to that spot where she's bending over. He got back there in a few seconds and I started to stroke. It only took about six strokes and I was pumping my cum all over his basement carpet!

Well, to make a long story short, before we went to bed, we had dug out his flip cam and made a few more videos of each of us blowing our loads, all with his naked sister as backdrop.

It was some of the most fun I've ever had in my life!



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