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Friends Panties

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This story happened about a little less than a year ago. I was on vacation with my parents and another family who had a daughter who were close friends to my parents. We rented a condominium for a week and shared it between the two families.
One afternoon everyone was gone from the condo for a few hours except for me. I usually masturbate once everyday but hadn't done it at all on the trip due to lack of privacy and not having any time, so you can imagine how horny I was. I went upstairs to my room and stripped down naked. My cock was already fully hard. I started masturbating the usual way, stroking my cock up and down with my fist and fantasizing, but I felt like doing something different and more exciting.
Jenn, (the other parents daughter) was really hot. She was 15 at the time, almost 16 and was a bout 5'10'. She was tanned, athletic, had brown hair, and had an amazing body. She had a pretty face and an amazing smile. Her long legs and ass, which was out of this world turned me on the most!
Being so extremely horny, I decided to snoop around and walked down the hall to her room. I opened the door and walked in. the sun was shinning in her room and her clothes were spread everywhere. I saw a few pairs of dirty panties on the floor and I could feel the precum beginning to ooze out of my cock. I saw the pants she was wearing earlier that morning before everyone left and I walked over to them. I looked inside the pants and saw her dirty panties that she was wearing just about an hour earlier. I think they were the panties that she had worn the day before and had slept in them.
They were a string bikini and size medium. They were light purple and had green trim. I was sooo turned on at this point. I picked her panties up off the ground to look at the crotch which I had to peel apart because the juices from her pussy had dried together. I was so amazed! The whole crotch on her panties was covered heavily with dried sorta white secretions from her pussy. I started to wonder if Jenn was really wet that night or had masturbated in them or something because the whole crotch was covered. My cock was throbbing at this point.
I gently began to stroke my hard cock with my free hand while I began to smell the crotch of her soiled panties. The smell was amazing and turned me on so much. The smell is really hard to describe. Her panties smelled a little bit like sweat but also sweet at the same time, but at any rate turned me on greatly.
I lay on her bed stroking my cock like crazy and smelling the sweet aroma of her pussy off the panties. I began to fantasize of her ass and legs, and what her wet pussy would look like. I was getting close to cumming but didn't want the fun to end so I stopped stroking my cock for a few seconds and quickly licked the crotch of her panties. There wasn't much taste but there was definitely a sweet taste. I then pulled the foreskin all the way back on my throbbing cock and began to rub Jenn's panties over the head of my precum soaked penis. The feeling was amazing and when I couldn't handle it anymore I went back to stroking my cock.
My cock couldn't handle it anymore and I took one last smell of her panties before I cummed allover my stomach and chest. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. I then put her panties back were I had found them and then went to the washroom to clean up. I will never forget that day!
(oh man, now I have to go relieve myself!!!!)
Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!



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