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Friend's Panties

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Sexy awakening.


This happened to me years ago but I will never forget it. My friend, I will call her Marie, was the sister of a good friend. She was a few years older than me and very provocative sexually. I would spend great parts of my summer visiting her brother and eventually began to take notice of her budding sexuality. Her boobs were large and she knew how to get my attention. Some mornings she would parade around the kitchen in her tight tank-top with no bra and I could see her nipples get hard when I looked at her. She obviously noticed me looking and would ask me if I liked what I saw. Being shy, I said something innocuous, like, 'sure'. She wore very thin, tight pink panties which showed the outline of her bush and the sometimes swollen pussy-lips.

I would get hard and have to go to my room to change into pants when she strutted around the room in them. I know she deliberately did this to arouse me. Her pussy would get wet and easily visible through the thin material, which drove me crazy. I would steal glances by looking at the reflection from the sliding-glass door. She would rub herself, not knowing I was able to see her. Having just discovered masturbation, I would hurry away and play with myself for hours. One morning I went to brush my teeth and I saw the same pink panties lying on the bathroom floor. They were soaked and I placed them to my nose and almost came instantly. My cock got hard and I stroked for about thirty seconds until my knees got weak and I came about ten spasms. My cum was everywhere. Her pussy smelled so yummy.

This continues for many days until one day I tried something new. Marie left for swimming lessons one morning and her brother was gone too so I went into her room and found three pair of panties in her hamper. I hurried back to the room I was staying in and stripped to my underwear. I sniffed a little yellow pair and put the pink ones around my hard-on and laid out the other white ones with tiny hearts in front of me. The yellow ones were pretty wet and smelled stongly on Marie's beautiful pussy. I stroked for about ten minutes and then tried to suck my own dick. I had been able to get it into my mouth but was always afraid to cum for some reason. This time I was determined. I put the yellow panties over my head with the crotch over my nose and slowly walked my legs down the wall behind the bed until I could hook my legs under the headboard.

I could get about two inches in my mouth. It was so sexy, my dick was hard as a rock and I was sure I would cum too soon. As I sucked, I thought of Marie until I heard a giggle. Horrified, I looked to where the sound came from and saw her looking in the window at me. I froze and then looked back at her. She demanded to be let into the room. When I let her in she said she knew I was stealing her panties but she found it sexy. She said she wanted to see me suck myself off. If I refused, she would tell her mom so I agreed. She talked dirty and helped guide my cock into my mouth and adjust the panties around my nose. She made squishing sounds when she played with herself and I lost it. She demanded I cum in my mouth. When she said 'cum' I did. I shot rope after rope into my mouth as she squeeled with delight. We did this several more times and I have since shown my current girlfriend my favorite pastime. I think I had better jackoff now.



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