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Friends Mom

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What happened between me and my friends mom a few nights ago.


Two nights ago I went over to my friends house for a while. Well his girlfriend was there so he didn't have too much time for me so I took it upon myself to hang out with his mom and watch some TV. His mom is fairly attractive. Not a knockout but attractive none the less. Well for a while now I have been casually flirting with her while maintaining innocence about it. But that night I really laid into it.

After awhile, I would say at 1 or 2 in the morning everyone was asleep except us. Her best friend and her friends kids were staying with her until they get back on there feet. They were all sleeping about the living room where we were seated. I was flipping through the channels and we decided on a movie. It was one she confessed to make her horny. After about 20 or 30 minutes she asked if I would give her a foot massage. I proceded to do so. Then I moved to the ankle. Then the calf. After I got to the knee. She pulled away.

Now I thought that would be the end of it but the next thing blew me away. I was sitting there just trying to go to sleep. I was on one end of the couch and she was on the other but she was laying with her legs in kind of an indian style fashion. Her knee was against my shoulder. Well out of the corner of me eye I saw her hand go under the blanket. It just rested on her midsection for a second but then it disappeared more south. Then I heard what I knew to be the sound of a soaking wet pussy. She just brushed it a few times before she proceeded to pull her hand out and stick her fingers in her mouth! I was shocked to say the least.

At this time she put her hand back down the blanket. I was dead looking at her now and she knew she was caught but I don't think she cared at this point. Then she got into it. Furiously frigging her pussy under the blanket quietly moaning. Then she looks at me and says 'I can't help it I'm just too horny.' Then I proceed to pull my rock hard dick out of my boxers, under the blanket, and begin to stroke. She is really going at it. Then she stops, reaches for the end of her blanket and pulls it up just enough so I can see what she's doing under it. Well at this she says touch me. Although there is nothing at that moment that I would have rather done I know that if we went any further than just spectating her morals would kill her later. And I didn't want to do that to her. But she continues on anyway.

She proceeds to get up and says I'm going for some fresh air and that she doesn't want to go outside alone and winks. So I follow her outside. She has a small back deck with chairs facing each other. She starts to furiously frig herself while I stroke my dick. She has her legs sprawled out with her legs resting on my knees. I then feel that familar tingle and proceed to shoot all over the place. Well she is still going at it but complains that she is too nervous we will get caught.

We go back inside where her daughter and some friends were in there wondering where we were. She said we were outside. Knowing that with us together there all night there is no way either of us were going to get any sleep we decide I should go. I give her a hug and a wink and I left. Where I procceded to go home get jack off 3 times. Can't wait til my next day off so I can go back.



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