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Friends in the Woods

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A while ago, but never forgotten.


My friend 'Billy' and I had known each other since we were about five years old. We had shared several experiences being naked together and always thought nothing of them other than how much it had been fun to know that we shared the same feelings about being naked with each other-it was fun and kind of naughty. This experience was different, however, and set the tone for other episodes to come...

When we were both in our early teens, we used to do a lot of hiking in the area around his house. His parents owned a huge amount of land, and we would always have a great opportunity to be alone and totally secure in the knowledge that no one would ever see any of our activities.

One day, our adventures let us to an amazing area with a stream that plunged about 40 feet into a large pool of sunlit water. Since we were secure in the notion that we were totally alone, we eagerly decided to shed our clothes and skinny dip in the pool and under the waterfall. It was a great experience, and it was evident how much we both liked it by how hard and erect our cocks were when we got out of the water and went to get our clothes. Billy looked at my very hard dick, and remarked 'wow, that needs some attention! Do you ever jerk off?'. Well, this totally floored me. I had never thought of Billy looking at my dick and commenting on it... It must have been my mind imagining things that might happen, but almost immediately, I started to leak pre-cum. Billy noted that too, and said 'wow, you DO need some attention. It would be a shame to waste all that pre-cum...'. I really didn't know how to answer that. Billy then grabbed his very engorged cock, and gave it a few strokes, producing his own flow of pre-cum. He moaned a little, and asked me if I would like to jerk off together. Now, I had thought of this scenario a few times when I had seen him naked in the shower, or changing together when staying over at his house, but always thought that he would be freaked out and get mad at me if I ever mentioned it to him. We both had girlfriends at the time-which we were VERY proud of at 14-but we had talked about our sexual experiences with them, and neither of us had had our girlfriends touch us 'down there'. In other words, we were horny as Hell.

I quickly said 'yes' and joined him in stroking my cock while watching Billy stoke his. Here we were in the middle of the woods, stark naked, and watching eachother jerk off! It was such a thrill. Billy then said, 'wait', and stopped playing with himself. He then moved closer to me, and without any question, grabbed my cock and started slowly swirling his fingers around the head of my cock using my precum as a nice slippery lubricant. As I gasped in pleasure from the first time someone else had touched me there, Billy moved closer and grabbed BOTH of our cocks together in his hands and started stroking us cock to cock at the same time. I was in total shock, and in total ecstacy at the same time. He seemed a little embarassed at what he was doing, but that was soon overcome by a shared feeling of mutual arousal. Being 14, it only took us about two minutes of this activty to send us over the edge and shooting massive amounts of cum onto Billy's hands and our stomachs. We both looked at each other and just said 'wow', then got really embarrassed and jumped into the water to clean off.

Billy and I shared one or two other mutual jerk-off sessions after that encounter that summer, but then he moved away and I have not seen him since. I have maintained a love of jerking off in the outdoors since then, but have never had the chance to experience it mutually with either a guy or a girl. Hopefully, that will change at some point...



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