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Friends in the Shower

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I recently wrote about the time my friend from school and I masturbated together for the first time. This story is about the next time we jerked off together after our first.


Jim and I went a few weeks without masturbating together again. We didn't really thing about doing it again seeing as we were both straight and able to look at porn on the computer. Also, we never really had an opportunity to jerk off with one another due to people always being around. However, one weekend during the school year afforded us the chance to try out mutual masturbation a second time. This weekend fell during a really bad weather week in winter. My parents had won a night at a bed and breakfast through one of their works and planned on going on the coming Friday night. I asked them if I could have Jim over to stay that night while they were gone. They agreed to this plan and had my younger brother stay at a friend's house. Friday came quickly and the snow began to fall. My parents were out of the house by 11am and our school had been let out early due to the snow at 1:30. Jim and I took the bus home and grabbed something to eat when we got there. After our bite we went outside and he helped me shovel the driveway and the walks. It was truly freezing outside so we ended up giving up shoveling and ran inside. I said I was going to take a shower and warm up he said that sounded like a good idea and would take one after me. I wouldn't let him go second so Jim went to the bathroom and started the shower. Then I got a good idea. Jim had left the door open so I walked into the bathroom to find him taking a pee. I asked Jim if he wanted to shower together and do what we did last time we were alone together. Jim said that this would be fun and we should. I checked the water temperature and started to take off my clothes. Jim already had his pants down and shirt off before I could even get my boxers down. Just looking at Jim's already partially erect penis gets me going. My cock started to fill with blood. It became heavy and I could feel the head begin to swell and grow. Jim got in the shower and I followed him. When we got under the running water we started to soap up and slowly stroke our penises. I grabbed some conditioner and really went to town on my dick getting close to orgasm but stopping short so my penis bobbed up and down in contractions but never really orgasmic. This got some precum flowing I could feel it sliding out of my penis head. I was hornier than ever now. So horny that I asked Jim if I could grab his dick. He hesitated at first but relented. I reached out and felt it in my hand. It was so hard and firm yet the head, which was a deep purple color, felt spongy and soft. Jim was breathing heavily now. I began to stroke his member up and down and up and down until I could tell he was close to Cumming. Then I stopped. Jim said we should both cum at the same time I thought this was a good idea so we began to stroke. I was getting really close and I could tell Jim was as well. I reached out and grabbed Jim's dick away from him and he held mine. WE both furiously stroked each other. I could feel the cum rising in my dick and Jim's cock was getting stiffer and stiffer. His hips were rocking back and forth. He finally blew his load it hit me in the abdomen. Stream after stream of semen was shot out of his penis head. This was so awesome to watch that I soon came myself. My cock throbbed and throbbed as cum was shot and landed on Jim's penis. After this was over we played with each other's balls for a while then soaped up and dried off. The rest of the night was great too but I'll write about that some other time.



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