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Friend's Dad in Mountains

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Love the site, keeps me up to date with fantasies, and lets me tell others mine, and my stories.


My best bud Ryan and I have known each other for a while now. We messed around once in jr. high (just a mutual to some porn he found) but that is all. We both live in pretty masculine environments, centered around hunting, fishing, and of course, having sex with ladies.

Ryan's dad owns a hunting lodge up in the hills and invited Ryan and I on a hunting trip. Usually on these trips we only hunt one day and then buddy around, go swimming and relax for the other three days. We both accepted his dad's gesture and took off for the lodge. When we got there, Ryan said he was feeling real sick. Then his girlfriend called and said she wanted to see him, so he decided that, since he wasn't feeling good anyway, that he should go and see her and then go to the doctor. His dad, Mitch, told me I could stay, so I did.

That night, we talked a little bit about sex and some stuff. I saw his massive erection through his sweatpants and I am sure he saw mine. We lay on the couches, him in just sweats and me in sweats and a white teeshirt, and talked about some of our escapades. Then he decided we should hit the hay and he left me with a huge boner and no chance to rub it out. I went to bed, our beds were in the same room, and I heard some rustling, then it got rhythmic, and I knew he was jacking off. I did the same and we didn't talk about it.

The next morning, I woke up and went into the bathroom. There was a porn on the floor and it looked like the shower was just used. I peed, went into the kitchen to find Mitch sitting naked, drinking coffee, and reading a porn. His barrel-chest, covered in soft brown hair, was moving up and down in heavy pulses and he was just barely shifting his huge balls around.

'Care to join me for a little swim this morning?' 'Sure!' so we went out to the lake. I stripped naked (he walked the quarter mile between the cabin and the lake NUDE) and we dived in. The cool water felt great against my naked body. He swam up to me and whispered in my ear,

'You are a good looking kid. I know you heard me last night, and I sure as hell heard you. I don't mind these sorts of things at all,' then he brushed his massive cock against my thigh, 'Do you?' 'No sir'

'Call me Mitch. Now, come up onto the beach with me.'

I followed him out of the water. His firm ass and gorgeous back were glistening with clean lake water as he lay on the beach and started rubbing his cock. 'Luke, you have such a hot body. Your hairy chest and thick cock...wow. Just know that I have jacked off thinking of you many times' with that compliment, my six inches of fury stood at attention as I sat on the beach. 'Show me a technique' and I scooted next to him, so close that our hairy legs were gliding up against each other.

He gripped my thigh, his huge left hand moving up and down in time with his right one on his cock. His balls were so heavy they drooped into the warm sand. I reached over and cupped them and then rubbed his huge dick. I spat into my hand and rubbed some more, focusing on his bulging head. I sucked on his nipples, buried in chest hair and felt his cock throbbing in my swift hands. Then I felt him about to cum, stopped and said, 'My turn.'

'My pleasure.' he licked his fingers and rubbed my cock a few times to lube it up, and then rubbed it and tickled my balls with his fingers. He licked my nipples and then kissed my neck. When I was about ready to cum, he stopped. We traded off for about an hour like this, edging closer and closer to orgasm, both cumming within five minutes of each other.

We smiled, dived into the lake to wash ourselves off and then walked back to the lodge. When we got there, Ryan was standing there with his cell phone. We walked in naked and he looked a little shocked. Then he said, 'Oh, well, it's not the first time.' he decided to stay and drove back up that morning. The rest of our weekend was full of these kinds of things. I finally got to see Ryan naked, and he seemed pretty excited to see me. All three of us circle jerked, and jerked each other off until it was sadly time for us to head home. Needless to say, I go 'hunting' with Ryan and his dad way more often now.



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