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Friend's Apartment

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Over the summer, I found a good friend of mine online that I hadn't seen since we graduated from high school. After a couple days of sending messages back and forth, she said I should come visit her, even though she lived out of state. Getting a few days off from work, I hopped on a plane and made my way to her city. When she met me at the airport, I saw that she hadn't changed since high school; she was still thin as a rail, her hair was still black and frizzy, and she still wore jeans, even in the hottest part of the summer. The only thing that was different was that she now wore a pair of those cute emo-style glasses with the thick black rims.

We went out to lunch and it was like we were never apart. We must've talked for two hours before we decided to head back to her place. When we arrived, she said that she needed to tell me something. After a few seconds of dancing around the subject, she finally told me that she has a no-clothes policy in her apartment. I was a little in shock when she said it, especially since we had never seen each other naked before. She went ahead and told me that when she was in college, her roommate was a nudist, and that after a couple months, she got very comfortable with it and started going naked around the dorm. After a while, it was second nature to her to strip down as soon as she walked in the door, especially when she moved out and had no interruptions. Ever since, she has been a full-blown nudist at home. Since we were practically sisters when we were younger, I figured there was nothing to be bashful about and went along with it.

As soon as we walked in the door, we kicked off our sandals and she led me to her bedroom to drop off my things. She left me alone for a few minutes to get situated, but when she came back she didn't have a thread on. I was amazed at how cute she was. Medium-sized perky breasts, slightly pale all over, a pierced belly button, black polish on her toenails and a thick patch of dark pubic hair, she was the definition of adorable. She said that she was going back to the living room and to meet her there. Taking a deep breath, I started stripping down until I was completely nude and made my way to meet her. When I got to the living room, she was watching TV, spread out on the couch with her big feet resting on the coffee table. Sitting next to her, I put my feet up as well and we watched a little TV and continued to chat, almost as if she didn't even know we were naked.

After the show we were watching was over, she flipped through the channels and saw that a dirty movie was on. She asked if I wanted to watch, and I quickly said yes. We watched for about ten minutes when she admitted to me that she was getting more than turned on, which I could not deny either. She rubbed her bare toes on mine and asked me if I ever masturbate. Half jokingly, I told her 'only on days that end in Y'. We both giggled and she said 'ok, lets go'. She leaned back against the arm of the couch, spread her legs and quickly started rubbing her hairy vagina. Sliding down on the cushion, I started pinching my clit and sliding a couple fingers into my dripping hole. It didn't take long before we were both grunting and breathing heavily, right on the edge. I came first, shaking and curling into a ball and rolling over on the couch, basically right between her legs. She didn't seem to mind and she kept pounding herself. Reaching out, I gently ran my fingers through her pubic hairs, to which she let out a loud squeal and came all over her hand and mine. Catching her breath, she started sucking her juices off of her fingers and, following suit, I did the same. I had never done that before, but it actually tasted pretty good. Once we collected ourselves, we gave each other a big hug and I heard her sniffle a little bit when she told me she couldn't believe it had been so long since we saw each other last, which actually got me to start crying too. Drying off our tears, we sat back down and put an arm around each other and turned on another movie. The rest of the night went by and eventually she went back to her room and I snuggled up on the couch and went to sleep.

The next morning, as soon as I woke up, my blanket was ripped off of me, she hopped onto the couch with me and said 'rise and shine, sleepyhead!' Giggling, she pulled me up and led me to the kitchen. After breakfast, we spent the whole day talking and telling stories, watching movies, basically being gal-pals, and all the while neither of us showed any shame with the exposure. At one point, we both put on a long t-shirt and our flip-flops and went to the roof of her building, just to strip back down to enjoy the warmth of summer. We didn't masturbate that day, but after the sun started going down, we went back to her bedroom and got on her computer and started looking at some porn. Soon, we were both spread out on her bed, bouncing, moaning and cumming. At one point, she even rolled over and started fingering me, brushing against my G-spot, causing me to scream out in pleasure and my toes to curl. Not wanting her to feel left out, I crawled between her legs and brought her to another sweaty orgasm of her own.

Sadly, the next day I had to come home, but we spent every possible minute that morning free and naked. On the way back to the airport, she even told me that she was seriously thinking about moving back home, and I told her that if she does, we should move in together, which she thought was a great idea.

We haven't stopped talking since then, and pretty soon, she is going to come and visit me. Even though it is going to be cold outside, we won't have any trouble running around my apartment in our birthday suits keeping ourselves toasty and warm!



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