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Friends and Lovers: Part 2

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The Nipple Orgasm


As I explained in 'Friends and Lovers' Part 1, in my first sexual encounter with my friend turned lover, she wore a turquoise tennis dress with matching panty that came off during our sex play and my masturbation of her beautiful vulva. However, the dress stayed on and I did not see her breasts at all that day.

About a month later, however, we were able to meet again. She was wearing a blue denim skirt and red blouse. As we kissed and touched one another, the blouse came off. She had on one of those bras that fasten in front. We stood back away from one another a little bit, and she allowed me to reach out, slip the fastener apart, and peel her bra back away from her breasts.

I was awestruck with their beauty and deeply eroticized just by gazing at their loveliness. As she stood there, still wearing her denim skirt but naked from the waist up, I looked at her for a long moment. Her breasts were medium size; just right for her body. However, they stood out firmly and highly from her chest as if they had a life of their own and could defy gravity. They had the same olive hue as the rest of her skin.

My eyes, however, were riveted on her nipples. She had the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen--anywhere! They were fully distended and erect, and protruded a full inch from each breast. They were shaped exactly like large thimbles, and of a deep rose/brown color. I could not help but fondle them, pull them, twist them, and suck on them. It was exciting to play with them, and in doing so, I learned that they were extremely sensitive for her. Stimulating them gave her intense sex pleasure. At virtually every one of our encounters over the 15 years of our friendship and sexual relationship, I paid a great deal of attention to her lovely nipples. I think one of the reasons a woman with long, erect nipples, or a long, erect clitoris, for that matter, is so exciting is that their protruding tumescence is so clearly an indication of the woman's sexual arousal, just as a man's erect penis is a visible symbol of his. In any event, I was mesmerized by my lover's nipples.

One night near the end of that 15 years stands out. We were on the couch at her home, and at a point in our lovemaking where she was once again naked from the waist up. I began to fondle and lick her nipples. Although I always paid attention to them, that evening I did not stop. I took her right nipple into my mouth, and rhythmically flicked it back and forth, back and forth, inside my mouth with my tongue. I gently but firmly squeezed her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger, then rolled it between those fingers, and pulled it out away from her body, with all of this done repeatedly as she became more excited. Then it happened. She shuddered and orgasmed solely from my stimulation of her nipples. I felt I had worshipped at the mammary beauty of an erotic goddess. Although I have not seen her in over a decade, I still fondly remember our friendship and intimate times. I must confess, however, that I occasionally focus solely on the sex and masturbate myself to the remembrance of her exquisitely erect nipples.



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