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What are friends for? You'd be surprised...


Hi everyone, this is my story on what happened on Monday evening after school! I'm Henrietta and I'm fifteen and I'm quite slim and medium height with long natural-blonde hair.
In school our last lesson was double PE, and as me and my friend Jade were so hot and sticky we went to her house after school as it's only a little way down the road from school. Jade is about three months older, a little taller with a much more sexy-to-the-guys figure and quite large 34c breasts compared to my 32a! So after the school bell rang and we'd changed into our uniform (I know it's a dumb rule but there ya go), me and Jade started walking to her house which took about five or ten minutes as we chatted to Louise on the way.
When we go to her house she offered me to 'borrow' her shower (so long as I put it back afterwards) so long as she got the first go. Of course I let her and off she went. Twenty-five minutes and two games of Spyro the Dragon later, she came back wrapped in a towel and said that I could shower whenever I wanted. Well, I was sticky and muggy so went straight away. I took off my uniform which since I didn't have the blazer on was just a white blouse, black tights, my miniskirt, my tie, my bra, panties, and shoes. I only took 15 minutes but then realised I only had my uniform to wear which would be all sweaty and manky. To hell, I thought, me and Jade had seen each other naked all the time, she wouldnt mind, and she'd probably lend me some old clothes to go home in later, or at least let me dry my clothes.
I walked into her room naked with my uniform in a bundle and sat on Jade's bed, but for some reason she was laughing. I heard someone talk, then realised she was chatting on the net to our mates - and she had the webcam on! She had a towel wrapped round her but me - I was naked with 5 mates in the next town seeing me 100% nude on their PC! I blushed very dark red and tried to cover myself, but they just laughed more!
Thankfully, my 'friends' had a shred of decency after all, and promised they wouldn't blab to the school or print photos off. I was gullible (well, I am gullible) and believed they were capable of that, so when they offered a condition for the deal I told them I would accept one. Then they told me the condition.
I had to kiss Jade - well, snog her really - on the webcam! Somehow though that seemed better than a photo of me naked, altho looking back I know they could have spread the video around too! Well Jade just giggled and dropped her towel, we knelt on the floor, and our lips met. After the 25 seconds dare was up we parted and grinned, and said we had to go. The thing was, I actually enjoyed the kiss.
Jade couldn't be bothered to log off manually, and so just hit the off button of the PC. For a moment we just giggled as if two girls kissing was nothing special, then she suddenly jumped up naked on her bed and changing to a almost serious tone said, 'Come on then Hen, up ya get'. I was speechless, but then again today I had my first kiss and had no idea about anything; I thought I'd let Jade sorta take control if you follow.
In the end she stood up in front of me and we just gazed into each other's eyes motionless for a bit, then she moved forward as if the tension had snapped and our lips met. It was a really nice feeling, so nice I cant think of a word for it! She reached behind me and put the palms of both her hands sorta on my buttocks and hips and pulled me towards her. I tried the same on her and then our like nether regions touched and this rush overcame me; it was like someone had switched me on, and so I met her lips very passionately or whatever you say, and we snogged for what felt like a very pleasant few hours, although it could easily have been just five minutes. We both got even more 'into it' and started to slide the fronts of our bodies up and down against each other, so our boobs were pressing in n around each uva and our lips were spreading ach other's like down below. We both had an orgasm - my first - and just fell onto the bed moaning and writhing. It was wonderful although even today I still feel a bit shocked by it! I'll write more soon if anything happens.



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