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Friendly Fun

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I have been coming to this site for over a year now and reading all these Male-Male stories made me want to try it out with some of my friends so badly. Luckily for me, this wish came true just this past week...
Jordan (as we'll call him) has been my friend for just over 7 years. We have been hanging out for the longest time and talking about all sorts of things though avoiding the subject of girls and masturbation for the longest time. One night at a sleepover, there were four or five of us. The topic went to who is the hottest girl at school which eventually shifted into jacking off. We all talked about how many times we did it per day but I really wanted to do it with them then and there but I feared coming off as gay if I asked. With the background to the story out of the way, let's start with the day it happened.
I invite Jordan over to complete a last second project we were partners on for school. We were hard at work when I suddenly saw a pop up for porn appear on my computer screen. It had a women (and a gorgeous one at that) playing with herself. I looked over it again and again while Jordan was on the ground gluing something together. I instantly became hard and thought about my fantasies of masturbation with my best friends so I made a mental plan to try to make it happen.
I invited him over to the computer to see and he gasped. He commented on the woman on screen and we critiqued her. I then 'accidentally' clicked on the advertisement, which took us to a gallery of pornography! I quickly glanced down at his jeans and noticed that his crotch area had a protruding bump, without a doubt his erection. This turned me on even more and I slowly thrust my pelvis as a natural reaction. He noticed and began breathing heavily, as did I. I just wanted to rip off my pants and masturbate furiously and resisting doing so was quite the challenge. We found a movie and lay back to watch it. This is where the real fun started...
It was about 10 minutes into it and I said if he needed to give his dick some room to breath it was alright by me. He reluctantly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped. Instantly, his erection popped out but was still concealed by his boxers. I quickly did the same and tried to sneak peeks at his penis all throughout the movie. After what seemed like forever, we once again began critiquing the women in the film. I stuck my hand down my boxers and he followed suit. I was so turned on at this point that I wanted to ejaculate all over myself but I resisted hoping for the situation to go further. As more and more blood rushed to my penis, I began to gently rub it with the hand down my boxers. Jordan noticed this and began to do the same and finally said what I was hoping he would: 'Oh man, I need to jack off!'
I quickly agreed and we both pulled off our pants. Our penises were about the same: 5' long and 4.5' around. Jordan slowly brought his hand down to his crotch and rubbed with his whole hand. Being as horny as I was, I did the same. At this point, neither of us were watching the porn anymore but rather each other. I bravely reached over with my left hand and cupped his balls. Jordan looked me in the eyes and started to full out jack my cock. I reached over and said I'd better help him with his erection ~_^.
We both ejaculated on our own chests and each other's hands. We cleaned up and he left, saying we should do this gain. The project remained unfinished and we got a 0 but it was still the best day of my life.



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