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Friendly Favors

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We serioulsy needed it. Both being deprived of our basic sexual needs and all


This happened fairly recently. I just moved to the City, Flint, MI., from a very small town.

I hadn't really gotten a chance to see any of my friends from home in a long time. Well, it turns out a friend of mine, we'll call him Raymon, didn't live too far away. We scheduled a day to hang out. We just ended up chilling at my house watching movies. Now flash foward 5 years, and you have my first sexual experience, WITH HIM!!!

He has a girl friend now, and I am currently not looking to date. It had been 4 months since I had any sexual attention from a guy. And from what he said, his girl was holding out on him for the last 3 months. We just hung out for a while...and watched the movies.

But slowly and surely we seemed to get closer. Soon enough we were having a hard core tickling fest...and I am sure this is how many of you readers have ended up messing around!

Well, I was tickeling him, and I ended up on his stomach, on my back. We just got comfortable and watched the movies that way. But soon enough we were tickeling each other again, when his hand lingered in between my thighs. It is a very tickilish spot for me, but his hand was brushing against my clit while he was tickeling me...and WOW. I said very abrubtly 'Wow...you don't want to do that!' and he asked 'Why?' I said so bluntly 'because I am super horny!' But we were soon back to tickeling each other, and I could feel his hands were carresing me, then tickelning me after a while. I let him slip quick grabs at my breast, until his hand lay comfortably on my chest. I could feel his bulge growing and pressing into my back. Our tickeling proceeded, when his hand slipped back in between my legs again....and he tickled me and I squirmed a lot. For a few moments, but slowly, he went from tickeling to rubing my wet pussy out side of my pants. He hands then slipped into my pants. I was so wet! And I wanted this so badly. I started to moan a little. And he worked his magic rubbing my clit to pure perfection, and finger fucking me to many orgasms. His fingers lingered every where. He knew when to slow down, when to speed up, when to stick his thick fingers in to my tight wet pussy. I could barely keep quiet and he kept whispering 'Shhhhh....your roomate is gonna hear us' and I just shuddered 'I ca-ca-cant'

Afer drenching his hand in my sweet juices. I lay back on him and sighed in pure joy. I looked at him and as his swellin pride. I offered to suck him off, but he turned me down!!!

I could tell he wanted it...and after many minutes of tickeling again...he was looking at me. My hands slipped down to his zipper and into his pants and I assured him 'I have come a long way since 5 years ago, Do you want it?' And he gave in. But the waiting had killed his mojo.

He pulled me back onto him, my back to his belly, and plunged his hands back into my pants. I had just cummed!!! But I was not complaining. He finger fucked me to pure bliss. I moaned so loud. I could feel my hips slightly rocking to the motion of his quick and talanted fingers as they rubbed my clit to perfection.

I wanted his cock in me so bad...but I knew better...but I wanted it in me...I wanted to feel him filling me up with every inch of it till he came all over my tits. As his fingers went deeper into me, I imagined him throwing me on the floor and plunging his hard cock into me till I came. Soon I was overwhelmed with endless orgasms. I looked at him, and slid his pants down. Taking his hard cock in my hands, working my hands up and down, up and down, sucking the head and licking it, occasionally I would take all 7 inches into my mouth. But mostly I worked it up and down with my hands, using his pre-cum and my spit as lube. 'You're so good' he moaned, and I warned him to be quiet. I could feel his body tense, 'I'm gonna...I'm gonna' he said to me. It had only been minutes...but the hours of sexual tension was building in him. He was gonna burst. I stroaked him harder, taking his big dick into my mouth and sucking it, stroaking it, till he shot a huge load in my mouth.

'Oh my god' he said to me. I asked him if his girlfriend Lisa ever did that for him...he said a little for foreplay...but never like that.

We were both happy. We promised to keep it a secret...and that was that.

I hope it happens again. He's so good at fingering my pussy, I want to see what he can do with his mouth. I know his relationship is sucking....and we're just friends.... but I want him to fuck me so bad. I know he wants it. And if he's ever in my room....I'll rub his cock till he cums in his pants. Then I'll bring back that big dick and ride him till we break my bed.

No man has ever made me cumm like he did. I WANT MORE!!!!



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