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Friend With Benefits

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A friend became a friend with benefits after an afternoon at the beach.


I guess when I look back on it, going with a gay friend to a nude beach certainly had the possibility of ending in some kind of sex, and, to tell the truth, that possibility was a little on my mind when I decided to go. Jack and I had been friends for about two years, and had several mutual friends, so we bumped into each other pretty often. One night, on a long drive back home, he'd told me that he thought I was pretty attractive, and just wanted to put that out there. I told him I was flattered, but that I had no inclinations toward him, and he never mentioned it again.

We had some really hot Indian Summer days, and the idea of going to the beach came up, and it turned out the two of us were the only ones going. I felt a little twinge of excitement. I have sometimes found myself masturbating thinking of being naked with Jack. As a young boy I masturbated regularly with a friend. I hadn't done that since Junior High, but sometimes I truly missed having another guy to watch while I masturbated. But when Jack picked me up, none of this was on my mind. Indeed, I felt very relaxed and in a just friends mood.

We got to the beach, and it was pretty crowded, and it was fun to stroll along and look at everyone. I felt kind of proud to be with Jack; he's very handsome and a super guy, attractive to both men and women. We got to the end of the main beach, and Jack said there was a quieter place around a spit of land, if I wanted to go there to chill out. I said that sounded good, and he told me it was also the nude beach section, but it doesn't really matter if you wear something or not. So I said 'Let's go'

When we got out of sight of the main beach, Jack stripped off his shorts. Frankly, I'd checked him out a few times, and seen that he had a pretty good package, but seeing it full on was kind of...well, it was hard not to stare. He was pretty meaty down there, with a gorgeous tuft of blonde hair around his cock and balls, kind of like a lion's mane. Jack walked along so naturally, I felt funny with my shorts on, but when I thought of taking them off, I realized I had the beginnings of an erection, and felt embarrassed. Walking along and chatting, I was obsessed with the embarrassment, which only made my erection worse it seemed, and the stupidity of not just pulling down my shorts.

Then, out of the blue, Jack said, 'You needn't be embarrassed, guys get erections all the time here. Nobody makes a big deal of it.' Wow, I must have turned a few colors red, and then immediately took off my shorts. People were around, and my erection grew to a full-semi, and the more I walked like that, the better it felt. Jack found a nice spot to lay out, and as soon as I lay down on my back, my erection grew full-on. Jack said nothing.

We lay in the sun for a good while, chatting and then watching other nude people around us, and I started to feel pretty comfortable. I had strong urges to stare at Jack's cock, and gradually let my eyes fall there while we were talking about this and that, and I caught myself a few times in fantasies about masturbating with him, but we both were behaving like we always do, just two guys who are friends.

It wasn't until we had walked back down the beach, and were driving back to the city, that Jack said something. 'You remember a long time ago I said I thought you're attractive? Well, I just wanted to say it again.' I told him thanks, that's really nice. Then I spilled the beans and said that I thought he was really handsome and attractive, too. And I felt my erection grow in my shorts. We drove home hardly saying a word, and when we got to my neighborhood, I asked if he wanted to hang out some more at my place, and so he found a parking spot and came upstairs with me.

It was kind of awkward, we didn't know what to do. For the first time, I was seeing Jack at a bit of a loss for words. And then he said words that were magic to me, 'You know, just because I'm gay doesn't mean we have to have 'gay sex'. I mean, I'm not going to try to fuck you or anything. But I think we're both kind of turned on, and maybe it would be nice to do something. Like, would it be cool to get naked and play with our cocks? Really, I won't try anything more, unless you wanted to.'

Whew!! that was such a relief!! I'm sure my smile of relief said it all, and we stripped naked in a flash and sat together on the couch. My heart was pounding, but I quickly fell into my delirious state, that I'd enjoyed as a young boy, of masturbating myself with my eyes glued to another boy's cock. And what a gorgeous cock it was. Jack stroked his cock perfectly, smoothly, pausing, and, really, showing it off. It was irresistible to watch. Then I was overcome with the desire to stroke him myself, and slid down to the floor, between his legs, and began working it, loving it, sensually and so erotically, just as I had for my friend long ago. He was hard, hard, not just hard, and dripping precum, something my younger friend had little of, and finally he said, 'Let me cum!', and in a few strokes, he blasted his semen everywhere in big gobs!

When he'd relaxed, he looked up at me and said, 'Will you let me?' I slid up onto the couch, and he dropped down to the floor. I was only semi-hard but fully excited, and the moment he touched me, I got stiff. He played with me so perfectly, I was almost swooning, and then I heard him say, 'Cum for me!'. He was still stroking my shaft, and in a moment, I shot my full load. I lay back after my orgasm, and felt him gently rubbing my cock and balls and thighs as I calmed down and reentered the world.

That night, after Jack left, I felt embarrassed at how 'gay' I'd been, dropping between his thighs uncontrollably to, well, worship, his cock. I felt ashamed and confused. But Jack called me in the morning. 'Hey, it's nothing to feel weird about, just men enjoying their bodies together. It's perfectly natural to love another guy's cock; it doesn't mean all kinds of horrible things. We're friends. I hope we'll stay that way.'

'Yeah,' I said, and thought for a moment. 'How about 'friends with benefits''

Jack came over in the morning, and I enjoyed what we started calling his 'Benefit Package' once again. We told a couple of our mutual friends, including a girl I was dating. They were all very cool about it, in fact, happy we were having good sex.



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