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Friend in Need?

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This only happened a few weeks ago, but I have to share it with someone. Its too close to home to talk about it anywhere else.

My wife Sue has been helping / counciling a neighbour, Mary, who has just been through a traumatic separation from her partner. My wife and I are in our mid forties. Mary is late thirties. I've stayed out of it, but Sue has been spending ages, either at our place or over at Mary's, talking to her and help sort out the separation. Mary had thrown her partner out.

A few weeks ago I had a day at home. My wife had gone to work as usual but called me in the afternoon to say she was going to be late home. Shame because I had been browsing around the web looking at the porn sites for a good hour or too, and had got myself in the mood for some horizontal fun as soon as Sue got home.

I noticed over at Mary's, that her ex boyfriends car was in the drive. No sign of Mary's car. Thought it was a bit odd, as I hadn't heard that there had been a make up or anything, but thought no more of it.

Around about 4pm there was a knock at the door. It was Mary. Wanted to know if Sue was home. I said she was working late and wouldn't be home until 8 ish. I asked if I could help. She said that her ex had turned up, and was moving some stuff out. She just wanted to be out of the way while he was there. I asked her in and offered her a drink.

Guys will know what I am on about. There are some women you could shag anytime. There are those that you could never shag, and then there are those that sometimes you could and other times you couldn't. Mary falls in to the last category.

She has a good figure. Smallish boobs, nice ass and great legs, when you see them. She dresses down a lot, and tends to wear a lot of baggy stuff that do her no favours at all. Seen her a few times at BBQ's in shorts and stuff, and she can look a real stunner. I've never really thought about shagging her.

However.... today was different. She had recently got a job temping, to help with the bills. She was wearing her work suit. Dark blue blazer and short skirt. She sat opposite me and I just couldn't stop myself from trying to glimpse a look up her skirt. Combined with my afternoon trawling porn on the internet, I was getting really uncomfortable in my jeans. As we sat there, her skirt would ride up, which she occasionally shifted back down. Try as a might, I found eyes constantly being drawn to looking up between her legs, and wondering stuff like what colour panties she was wearing, was she wearing panties, and what sort of bush she had. We talked about stuff for about half an hour when we heard noises from the Garden next door. Mary's house.

She asked if she could go upstairs to look out and see what he was taking from the shed. I said that would be Ok, and that I would get her another drink. I watched her go up the stairs, trying to look up her skirt as she went and hoping to get a glimpse of stocking top under her skirt.

It was then that panic set in. Had I turned the computer off? I don't think I had. Last thing I was looking at was this web site. I couldn't do anything now.

I paced around in the kitchen for 5 minutes and then called up the stairs. 'Everything OK'? Yes, came the reply, 'Down in a minute.'

Still pacing, Mary eventually came down, and we stood in the kitchen. I enquired again if everything was OK. She said yes. 'He was only taking the mower, but what a great web site. Hope you didn't mind me looking!' I was speechless. She said she had taken down the address, and was going to have a good read later tonight.

She told me not to worry, and asked if I got turned on by sites like yours. I said I did, much more so than just looking at pictures. She agreed, and bold as you like said. 'Like now'. I'm lost for words again, but my prick is so obviously rock hard and almost poking out the top of my jeans. 'Can't leave you like that, I owe you.'

She reaches forward, unzips my jeans and pulls my pants down. I'm as hard as it gets and ready to burst. She holds my hand and guides it up her skirt, and into the crotch of her panties. She is soaked. 'Me too'. I start to work my finger in to the crotch of her panties, but she pulls my hand away, saying that she will sort that herself later, and proceeds to run her hands up and down my shaft. I sniff the finger that has just run the across her minge.

We are standing in the kitchen, with her directly in front of me. I tell her this isn't going to take long. She then starts to go for it. I was right. 30 seconds was about all it lasted. I had one massive shot that caught her by surprise, and she couldn't step out of the way quick enough. Completely splattered the front of her skirt and sleeve of her blazer. 4 or 5 more spurts shot over the kitchen floor.

I apologised, and reached for a cloth to clean her up. I just couldn't stop apologising. She took my hand again, and put it up her skirt.

She was wet before. She was dripping now. Again she pulled my hand away and said she had better go. She left, with my spunk stains covering her suite, saying 'You owe me.'

I haven't had chance to repay the dept yet, but I can't wait. I've wanked off so many times thinking about what happened with Mary. I've seen her a couple of times since then, but not alone. She just gives me the odd wry smile, so I am sure she would like a repeat performance.



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