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Friend Didn't Mind

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I love this site. I've been coming here for quite a while, and I thought it was time I submmited my own story.


A while ago I had the fortune of having my parents leave on a trip during my spring break. I was left home alone for one week. Nothing really interesting happened, until the last day, that is.

It was a Saturday morning. One of my friends (whom I'll call Sam) had slept over the night before and we were both in the living room watching MTV. I'm not a big fan of that particular channel; however, Sam noticed that they were playing one of their usual shows involving bikini-clad girls hopping around. So what else are two horny guys going to watch on a Saturday?

We were both covered in blankets since it was so cold that morning, and I was still wearing the clothes I had on the night before. Sam and I made small talk about what we were watching, talking about who was hot, who we wanted to fuck-the usual horny guy talk. All this chitchat was starting to make my dick very hard under my blanket. So hard I was chaffing in my pants. I mentioned this to Sam and he jokingly said I should air out my dick for a bit. After some more joking he got up to get something to eat. Me, I just stayed where I was on the couch and stuck my hand down my pants. I gently started to rub the head of my penis. Sam came back from the kitchen with a bagel. I was still under the blanket with a steady stream of precum flowing freely out of my cock. Man, I was loving every second of it. I told Sam what I was doing; he just laughed it off, which I thought was very cool of him.

'Fuck, I'm so horny.' I told him. He asked if I wanted to jack off, I said I would if he wouldn't mind. He said it was no problem with him as long as I kept my business under my blanket. So, that being said, I unzipped, pulled my pants and briefs down to my knees, and got to work.

Let me tell you, this had to have been the best jack-off session of my life. I don't know if it was because of what I was watching, or because I had another person there sitting right next to me watching me get off, but it felt so fucking good! I moaned and groaned for what seemed like hours. Sam thought it was kind of funny and started mimicking a few times. A couple times I was so into it that I would thrust my pelvis slowly upwards and come back down with a deep sigh. After a while I could feel my orgasm coming closer, I tried to hold it off as long as I could, but there was no stopping it. I told Sam to hand me napkin so I could get ready to catch it. Mind you, this whole time Sam is sitting next to me watching TV, with me masturbating, like it's the most normal thing ever. I don't remember what the hell it was Sam started saying to me, but while he was talking, I started squirting like there was no tomorrow. I ended up pulling up my shirt just in time (I didn't want to sticky up the blanket). I grunted and convulsed all over the couch. Semen squirted all the way up my chest, and I just kept on cumming. I've never had such an intense orgasm before. I was soaking wet by the time I was done.

Sam just looked at me and said, 'Did you cum?' I sat there breathing heavily, all sleepy-eyed. He apparently got a big kick out of that. Later, we both sat around my room looking at porn while we rubbed our own crotches, but nothing else really happened. I asked him if I could jack him off, but he said he was okay handling himself.

I hope I get to do this again soon!



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