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Fridays With a Movie

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Another tale of the fun I have with the hottest gal I've ever known, Donna


Friday's are ALWAYS one of my favorite to spend with Donna. Her husband's work keeps him away until late in the evening, so she and I can play all afternoon and enjoy a nice meal before she has to go. We like to watch movies and stopping the flick long enough for an orgasm for me and several for her. Then it would be kissing and foreplay for another 20 minutes of the movie before we would just HAVE to go at it again! ALL the time Donna will be on the edge of her next orgasm! She's the HOTTEST woman I've ever been with!

She always likes to cum with something being rammed in and out of her vagina. I'll use mainly my fingers for the first 45 minutes or so. She's 'a squirter' so it is great fun to feel her pulsating ejaculate blasting against my hand as she's moaning and groaning and cumming like mad. She is SO HOT and JUICY she is all I think about when away from her!

After about an hour of masturbating her with my hand my fingers begin to tire, and I stop long before she's ready to stop her continuous string of orgasms. While she's understanding, she is still ready for more! That's when I reach over and start using either a fat cucumber on her, or a nice dildo. I really like to give her a bit of a workout with a cucumber as she lays on her back with her legs spread wide. She cums and cums as we both watch as the green veggie stretches her lips wide and I push it in and out really fast! She screams and hollers and squirts as it gives her great fun! I especially like to watch as I pull it out finally because her cunt just pulsates and STAYS open after it is out until she closes her legs. Looking into that wide open vagina of hers would give ANYONE a hard-on! Then after we are done with sex, I always slice-up the cuke and have it with our dinner later! I get hard at the table just knowing it was buried in her lovely pussy just a couple of hours earlier!

After resting a while she'll let me know she's not yet done and needs some more orgasms. She'll reach over and point to her fat dildo sitting on the nightstand with a sly grin! I'll pick it up and rub it on her breasts and suck on the head of it for a while to drive her crazy with lust! Then I'll tell her to 'turn over', she'll immediately get on her hands and knees with her wonderful ass right in my face. Her pussy will be dripping in anticipation! I love this view as I can see every detail of her pussy lips and asshole as I work the dildo into her vagina from behind. Like the fat cucumber it stretches her pussy lips to the max, and they go in and out as I push and pull the dildo in/out of her. She begins to cum rather quickly and continues as long as I came maintain a steady rhythm of fuck-like motions. All the while her urethra is pulsating juice from underneath onto my fingers holding the dildo. I'm going crazy watching all this! I love to do this to her!

When I sense she is beginning to tire a bit I slide a finger or two into her asshole and work them in and out in opposite rhythm to the dildo [when the dildo comes out of her pussy, my finger goes into her ass in a see-saw fashion]. As soon as I start doing this her orgasms go into a much greater intensity with her screaming getting louder, and her pussy is squirting even harder juice! I'm practically cumming as I watch and listen, without even touching myself!

After a while I take my fingers out of her ass and then slow down and stop the dildo action. Again, I love to watch her vagina stay open after I withdraw the fat dildo! I love to look in and watch it pulsate! I've taken many digital videos of this action and we both marvel at how hot there are, especially the views of her wide-open pussy after the dildo is pulled out! When she is NOT with me I masturbate like crazy looking at those videos and repeat over and over those scenes of her gaping pussy!

And to think, her husband [apparently] has no clue as to how HOT his wife really is! I'm amazed at his ignorance and overjoyed at my good fortune! I hope to keep 'playing' with Donna as long as I live!



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