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Friday Night With Sister in Law

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This happened two short weeks ago. I'm still a little freaked out the wife is going to find out


My sister in law Kathy visits about three times a year from out of town, usually with her kids and husband. This time she drove in solo, her husband (as he does frequently since he is in sales) was travelling, and the kids were staying with friends. Unbeknown to me she was arriving on Friday evening, not Saturday as she usually does, and my wife was working a late shift (nurse at a local hospital).

Kathy arrived about 10 minutes after I got home from work, and I greeted her with a warm hug. We have a great relationship, like to kid and drop innuendos occasionally (often off-color and sexual) but in the 20+ yrs I've known her that's all it's been. Kathy is 49 yrs old and a great looking gal. She has shortish black hair and has kept herself in nice shape. I've always fantasized about her, especially her shapely ass (which I was able to grab and squeeze in some pool rough-housing years back...) and her nice, pear-sized tits. She also has a nice set of legs, and pretty steel-blue eyes.

As Kathy settled in and unpacked upstairs I threw on some dinner (pasta, meatballs). We chatted throughout dinner, catching up, and she caught me up on the doings in her life, including the fact she's almost like a single mom since her husband travels so much. As we cleaned the kitchen we were both very relaxed. I told Kathy I was heading up to take a quick shower and change from work, and she followed me up to put on her 'PJs' as she called them.

When I came back downstairs about 20 minutes later (It was close to 11:00 pm at this point) Kathy was already curled up on the couch. I had thrown on a t-shirt and some old gym shorts after my shower, and Kathy was wearing what looked to be a pale green knee length cotton night short with lace edging that buttoned from her neck all the way down. Nothing terribly sexy, but the way she was seated with her legs under her on the couch offered me free view of plenty of calf and lower thigh skin. She was casually flipping thru a magazine as I plopped down beside her, grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.

I began channel-surfing like a master, checking scores on ESPN, local news, and the weekend weather. I worked my way further up the cable channels and came upon HBO, which had a 'Real Sex Xtra' feature on that showed clips from various HBO 'adult' series. I was about to keep going when Kathy let out a fairly loud 'WAIT' and began to chuckle.

She laughed and said she hadn't watched any good porn in a long, long time and very cutely, almost childishly, pleaded with me to keep it on for a little while. No arguments from me; I dropped the remote on the coffee table and sat back, intrigued and my mind thinking of endless possibilities (hey, I'm a guy...!).

The clip that was just beginning was about two guys who had designed/invented 'masturbation machines' for women; essentially they are dildos and vibrators attached to power tools that are connected to tables and/or chairs and women position themselves to allow penetration & vibration. The spot featured a handful of women demonstrating the machines and REALLY getting off. Kathy was laughing, and made a comment about how she'd pay a million dollars for one of those things. I tried to be very cool and laid back, and as I glanced at her I noticed a few things. Her right elbow was on the arm of the couch, her chin planted firmly on her hand as she watched wide-eyed, and she was blushing. She was also nervously biting her bottom lip, and as I looked lower, her nipples were very evidently hard as they pushed out the fabric of the top of her nightshirt. I also noticed her legs ever so discreetly moving in rhythm; Kathy is a high energy person and never really sits still, but this was different. It was pretty obvious she was aroused.

As was I; I was hard as a rock. The question was should I attempt to cover up with a pillow or some other discreet way, or just let it be obvious I had a raging erection. My shorts were old, a little thin (not see through or anything) and one look at my crotch and she would know, without a doubt. I decided to just let things be and if she saw, she saw.

But her attention was on the tv. The next segment was about 'male dolls'. There is a production company that makes very life like male and female dolls that sell for thousands of dollars, and every detail is perfect. This feature had a male doll with about a 6' erect circumsized penis and showed not only how it was made, but what women do with them. There was about 5 minutes of three beautiful, naked women licking, sucking and then inserting the dolls penis inside them and cumming to rocking orgasms. Kathy continued to laugh, but never looked my way-until the segment was over.

She turned her head over her shoulder, and made another comment about how great it would be to get something like that for a present, and as she was saying that, she glanced down at my crotch, and then looked again, for a good three seconds, and laughed. She's very good natured and started kidding me about being turned on by the naked women, and chiding me about my wife working too many late shifts. I went right back at her about her travelling husband, and told her I'd bet her $100 that she was horny and turned on to. I didn't expect her to respond, but she did, with a comment that shocked me: 'I am SO wet right now, I really can't wait to go to bed to take care of myself'. I smiled at her, intentionally looking down at her breasts and her pert nipples, and her hands that were now cupped down between her legs. 'Me too' I told her, 'shows like that make me really, really horny.' I laughed as I said I didn't know if I'd actually make it back upstairs.

Things moved along at a blur from there. 'Go ahead, take care of it now' she laughed, and we kidded back and forth. As we did, I noticed her hands moving, not wildly frigging herself or anything, but obviously creating some friction 'down below'. We continued to laugh and I told her if she kept egging me on I'd do it; and then I did. I pulled the waistband of my shorts down and let my cock pop out, for all of two seconds, then pulled them back up. She stopped laughing. Damn, I'm in trouble I thought. All she said was 'do it again. Let me watch'. I don't need to be told things twice, so I did, I pulled my shorts down to mid thigh and as naturally as if she wasn't there began to stroke myself. 'Oh that's SO nice' she said quietly, and I watched as she quickly unbuttoned her nightshirt. She has on white cotton panties, briefs actually, and her stomach was smooth and white. As she pulled the nightshirt open, I finally after all these years saw her breasts. Small (34B, I've snuck peeks at her bras) but capped by such perfect maroon nipples, hard like the typical 'pencil erasers' and wide areolae. She began to masturbate with her right hand over her panties and with her left massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples. I went as slowly as I could, soaking it in, and her hand went under the waistband of her panties, in the same motion pulling them down just far enough for me to see that she had a very thick, full bush of black pubic hair. Her head arched back as she quickly went into high gear, and her moans was so sexy, her eyes alternately closed and then open looking at my cock. She shrieked she was cumming not more than a few minutes into it, and I followed suit, also grunting that I was going to shoot. She clamped her thighs around her arm and wrist as she orgasmed, her body quivering as she let out one long moan. I was behind her by about 30 seconds, and as she began to relax I began to shoot, a very, very wet and satisfying orgasm that coated my stomach, the back of my hand and my pubic hair.

I reached over and grabbed some tissues and cleaned up, then retrieved a wash cloth for Kathy. I was freaking out a bit at this point, but Kathy was so kind and so cool about what we had just done, promising as she buttoned up her nightgown that it was a one time thing, we hadn't touched each other, and she would never, ever tell anyone. And I trust that she won't. But I'm still worried!



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