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Friday Night Fun

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Fellow Solo Touch fans, I had a great experience recently that I thought I would share with everyone. I have been an avid masturbator all my life, and really love finding others with similar interests. One recent friday evening I had nothing big planned, so I decided to devote the evening to self pleasure. As I often do, I started out with a visit to one of the local porn shops, to get the motor revving, so to speak.

I looked around and found a couple of interesting dvds, made my purchases, then headed to my favorite strip joint, to continue my 'foreplay'. I like friday nights, as I always know my favorite dancer Angel will be there. She is a twenty-four-year-old, small busted, slim blonde with a great sexy personality, who really loves her job. She and I have had many conversations about sex in general, and masturbation in particular, as we both love to make ourselves cum. As usual, I sat down at the stage, watching the girls, and soon along came my favorite hottie. After her routine on stage, she asked me if I would like a lap dance, to which I readily agreed. Heading into the private area in the back, I sat back on a love seat, spread my legs, and she moved between them and kneeled between my knees. We talked for awhile first, and she told me she had masturbated twice before work, and was still horny. I hadn't masturbated in about two days, which was unusual for me, so I was already very horny, and getting hard just because of her proximity to my cock. She started swaying to the music a bit, and pantomined going down on me and licking my cock with her pierced tongue. She would periodically bring her face close to mine, lick my cheek or earlobe, which really got me hot. My cock was just about ready to burst out of my jeans. I told her I couldn't stay much longer, as I needed to get some relief very soon. She continued the dance for awhile, even pulling her thong down and giving me some peeks of her pussy, although it's against the rules in the club. When I could stand no more teasing, I bid her goodbye, and walked out, with quite a bit of difficulty due to my rock hard cock.

When I got home, I stripped down, pulled out my toy box, grabbed some lube, and started stroking. At this point, I didn't need any more stimulation, I was ready to cum. I went as slowly as I could, and replayed the scene with Angel in my mind, and soon I was shooting a huge load of cum all over my stomach and chest. After I calmed down from that, I put in one of my new dvds, which featured several scenes of two guys with one girl. While I love girls, and am basically straight, I love the sight of a hard cock as well, and this gave me plenty of both.

As my cock had softened a bit, I dug into my toybox, and pulled out my favorite one. It is a silicone jelly cock ring, with an attached vibrator. Sliding it over my lubed cock, I turned on the vibrator and began stroking my cock once more, while watching the dvd. My cock was soon rock hard again. On screen, two good looking studs, both with shaved pubes were going at it with an attractive brunette, who had a nice tight ass, and a neatly groomed pussy. They engaged in several positions, but my favorite was when both guys were sitting side by side on the couch, and she was alternating sitting on their laps and getting fucked. While one guy was fucking her, the other would be watching and stroking his beautiful hard cock. For the cum scene, of course she wound up on her back with both guys kneeling over her and jacking off on either side of her. I managed to time my orgasm, and came soon after they began shooting off on her tits, still shooting a sizeable load, although with less force than the first one.

I love to read about others self love sessions, and hope you enjoyed my story.



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