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Freshman Year

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The guy I liked finally did me.

He was a football player and I was a basketball player. He had a very nice body, same with me.


I'll just call him Brandon. I saw Brandon on the first day of school and ran up to him to give him a hug. In 8th grade him and I had a thing, it wasn't official. But when ever we had a chance to sit together, we did. He would always put his hand on my thigh, I went to a private school so I had to wear a skirt. We would always sit in the back corner so no one could see what we were doing. Anyway, since I wore a skirt he had instant access to my butt. Brandon would always touch my butt, throughout 7th grade I was told by many of my guys friends that I had a big butt. Brandon would always get mad at them, which I loved because I showed that he cared for me. He would squeeze my butt and play with it. Once he actually rubbed my pussy. It was after PE and it was so hot!! I was moaning, but it didn't really matter, everyone else was moaning cause they were hot and wanted water. We even sexted during summer.

In the first week of freshman year there was a party at my friends house. Brandon and I went. The party was basically a sleepover so we could all catch up on what we have been doing. Most of the people who I went to middle school with went to the same high school as me. Still catholic. Anyway, I got there at like 5pm and Brandon shortly after. Him, I, and all of our friends hung out in the backyard and watched a movie. Brandon stood up and told me he had to go to the bathroom. He walked off and after about 1 minute he texted me saying to go my friends bedroom. I got up and told my friend I had to go to the bathroom, so I went.

I walked to her room, and since she had a bathroom in her bedroom, it actually looked like I had to go to the bathroom. I walked in and shut the door to see Brandon sitting in the bed facing the opposite of me.

"Hey, you told me to come?" I told him

"Um, yeah. I need to tell you something." He said shyly.

"Yeah, anything." I said smiling. I'd never seen him this nervous so I kinda like it.

"I don't really know how to tell you so I'll just say it, I like you." FINALLY, THE WORDS I'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR THREE YEARS!!

"Really? I like you too!" I said and it got quiet. But he had a smile on his face.

"Well, that went better than I thought it would." He said smiling.

I got way in over my head and leaned in, he did the same and next thing I knew my lips were touching his. We stopped and looked at each other. Then he just lasted on me and started kissing me rough. Since he was on top, he had control of the whole situation.

"Do you want to do this?" He asked me.

"Not really. But I'm fine with touching." I said and started kissing him back. Now if your thinking that we are too young, let me tell you, even though we were in 9th grade we were a very mature class. I know that's not an excuse but yeah.

"Let's do it then." He said and took my shirt off I did the same with him and we started.

"Tell me if you're not comfortable." He said and continued.

He got my breasts and squeezed them and licked my nipples. I was very good at holding my moans in because I would always masturbate at nights in my room and in the car when we went to Las Vegas. He looked up at me to see if I was enjoying it so he knew to continue.

Then started licking down my stomach and lead to my leggings. He looked back at me for permission, I gave him permission and he continued again. He unzipped the zipper on the side and pulled them down.

Brandon saw I was wearing a thong (my mom was alright with me wearing them, she thinks they are more comfortable so she asked me if I wanted a pair and I said yes) and he smirked up at me.

"You dirty little girl, wearing a thong? First no bra, now this? Your giving me a boner." He said standing up and showing me the tent in his pants.

"Just do what you want to do." I said trying not to force his head into my pussy.

He put his hand and brushed it against my mound. I held my moan but showed pleasure.

"Yeah, that's right. Like that?" he asked me and put a finger in between my pussy lips. This time I let out a moan. He smiled and slowly started moving his finger up and down eventually putting the finger in my pussy hole. I let out a groan and told him to continue. He did.

"You like that? You like my finger in your pussy?" He asked me. He slowly pushed it in and out.

"Faster." I moaned out and he obeyed.

As he went faster I started humping his hand and he pinched my right nipple. I had never had that much pleasure in a masturbation session. It felt so good.

"Yes, keep going. Faster. Faster." I groaned and humped his hand faster.

He took his finger out and pulled my thong down. His head went down and his tongue touched my clit. Without thinking I closed my legs from the pleasure. He laughed and held my legs opened and continued licking me. He stopped once I was close to cumming and brought up his body so his lips were to mine.

Since I didn't want to have sex he started dry humping me, really fast. The bed started shaking and making a loud noise so we went on the floor and he continued dry humping me. It felt really good and I feel like it was basically sex because his penis was basically in my vagina due to his boner. All I could say was 'fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck." He started humping a little faster and pinching my nipples. I was enjoying this and I could tell he was too by his facial expressions.

He started slowing down and I could tell he was almost at the edge so he got off me and pulled his pants and underwear down and started jacking off. He asked if I wanted to try his cum and I said why not. He started pumping harder and faster, then his white fluids came out of his penis tip and he shot for my mouth. Some of it landed in my mouth, and surprisingly I liked the taste. I go up and grab his dick, started pumping it myself, and gave him a blow job. He started moaning so he got a pillow and pushed it to his mouth, moaning into it. I went as fast as I could and his load spilled into my mouth.

We got cleaned up and walked outside to the backyard and finished the movie. When it was time to sleep he and I slept next to each other and in the morning I woke up next to my best friend and she told me that if her parents saw me and Brandon sleeping next to each other, cuddling, we would have gotten in trouble. So she moved me next to her.

That night was the best. During the following summer we did more things together. Brandon and I are dating to this day. We haven't had sex but we do dry hump, he fingers me, and I give him blow jobs. We live together in Central California, we both got scholarships to colleges near where we live and life has been basically perfect.

Comment if you want. I don't care what you put, dirty things I would love

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