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Freshman Fun

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So let me tell you a bit about myself. I was 15 at the time and in ninth grade. I'm pretty hairy, like I started shaving when I was 13 and a half. I went to a small public school in the North West. So I was invited to this party that had pretty much everyone from the school going. We had fun and stuff but it was getting late (or should I say early, like 4 AM) and people started to leave. It was a sleep over for some of the girls, mainly juniors and seniors, so most everyone was leaving. I, being a freshman, did not have a car or the ability to drive one legally and my parents called saying that they couldn't pick me up. I tried to get a ride from one of my friends but I live in kind of a remote area so I couldn't get a ride. Some of the seniors were friends of my sister who had graduated last year so they offered to let me stay the night. I gladly took this offer because what's not to like about spending the night with a bunch of hot high school girls?

So they gave me a blanket and I slept on the couch. At around 7 AM I woke up and everyone was still sleeping. I had the morning wood and had to go relieve myself. I snuck around and discovered that I was the only one still awake. I was feeling a little daring so I tried to get a good view of one of the girls. There was this one junior who I've practically had a crush on since I was in sixth grade. She has one of the nicest asses ever in existence! I was just looking at her when one of her eyes opened! My bulge was obvious and she just looked surprised. With one hand I was frantically shushing her while the other hand I was trying to hide my boner. She got up and silently led me to the bathroom where she whispered fiercely 'What the F*#K do you think you're doing!' I didn't know what to say so I just mumbled some incoherent reply. 'How old are you?!' she said to me. 'Um...uh...15.' I stammered. Now you understand my inability so speak right? There is a smoking hot 17 years old in a thong and bra standing a foot away from me for god's sake!

I forgot to mention earlier that I am fairly well endowed for my age, my member being a total of 8.5 inches fully erect and it was showing. She did an almost comical double take at my crotch because I was wearing boxers and gym shorts so you could clearly see the outline. 'What's that you have there?' she said quietly. By now I was completely red in the face and thoroughly embarrassed. 'No-nothing.' 'Don't lie to me.' She said in a sultry voice. Now I'm 5'9' and she's only 5'3' but right then I felt like a five year old who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar when she pushed me up against the bathroom wall and shut the door. 'What are you...doing?' 'Shut up.' She said. By now I was helpless and for the life of me I couldn't have stopped a puppy trying to lick my face right then. Her hand slipped into my shorts and I let out a grunt of surprise because no matter what you'll never be ready the first time a girl grabs your cock. 'OOH you're much bigger than my boyfriend.' The part of my brain that uses speech wasn't functioning right then thank you very much.

She then pulled down my shorts and let out another little gasp of surprise. I am also cut and I think it looks better than uncut. She turned to the side and rummaged through the bathroom cupboards until she found a bottle of baby oil to rub on my cock. This was probably one of the bravest things I've ever done when I said 'Hey this doesn't seem fair! Why do you get to see my cock when I don't get to see anything?' With a small little smile she said 'Why, your right, hang on a sec.' then she took off her top and moved her thong to the side. I nearly shot my load right there without being touched at all. I was in heaven just staring at the wonderful sights in front of me but then she grabbed my dick. I almost couldn't stand it and it took superhuman resolve not to blow right then. Then she started jacking me. The next few minutes kind of flowed together into one eternity of bliss. Near the end I noticed that she started fingering herself and this brought me over the edge. With a muffled grunt I shot my load and it went everywhere! With a little squeak she climaxed at the same time and started dripping on the floor she cummed so hard. She then brought her hand up to my mouth and let me suck the juices off. The combination of the musky aroma and sweet taste nearly made me cum again. She then whispered good night and let me clean up. After that I went and slept for the next two hours. She didn't say anything later, just a small wink when no one was looking. I'm hoping that we can do it again sometime.



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