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Freshman Fling

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Freshman Fling
I met my girlfriend at Freshman Orientation when I started college. She had just broken up with a guy back home. We started hooking up and it was immediately clear to me that she loved sex and particularly loved sucking dick. When she sucked my fat, 8-inch cock, her lips would get swollen, she would moan and her juices would run down her leg. When I came in her mouth she would gobble it up like it was ice cream. She usually told me that it tasted great. After we dated for a while, I asked her if she ever masturbated. She said that she didnā??t because she had just never thought about it. I asked her if she wanted me to show her how. After some reluctance, she eventually allowed me to put her fingers on her clit while I was fingering her pussy. She rubbed in slow circles with two fingers while I thrust two fingers in and out of her hole. This was the beginning of a habit of hers that increased over our four-year relationship. When she would suck my dick now, she wanted to kneel naked on the floor. I would stand in front of her and she would undo my belt and zipper and take out my hard cock. While she sucked it and stroked it with one hand she would finger herself with the other. I always tried to hold off until she came because her moans felt so good on my dick. I would sometimes come in her mouth and she would show me my load on her lips and tongue before she swallowed it. Other times I would take my dick out of her mouth and come on her face, in her hair, on her neck and on her 34b tits.
After we dated for a year, we started having sex. Our favorite position was with her laying on her stomach and legs spread wide. I would take her from behind and after a few minutes she would slide her hand under he belly down to her clit. She would alternate between rubbing her clit and my balls.
The memory I jerk off to most often now is the time she and her sweet-mates (she lived in the dorms) and I went to a party. We all came back about 1am. Anne Marie and I quickly headed to her room while her roommate and her sweet-mates went to hang out in her sweet-matesā?? room across the hall. We locked the door and tore each otherā??s clothes off. I kneeled down in front of her and slowly pulled down her panties. She was so wet that her panties stuck to her inner lips, which were swollen and hanging down low. After I peeled her panties off her, I licked the honey that was flowing from her pussy. After a few minutes she pulled the futon mattress onto the floor and got down on her stomach, spread her legs and said "fuck me now, Branden."
So I got out of my clothes took my swollen cock in my hand and slid into her wet pussy. I move slowly at first and she started to buck her hips and moan. When she started screaming "Harder! Faster, Branden! Fuck me hard!" I did what I was told. Her sounds went form a low ughhhmmmmm to almost a shrieking ahhhhhhhh! I knew her sweet-mates could hear. She slipped her and down to her pussy and rubbed her clit fast and hard. Then she screamed "I'm coming!" and her pussy flexed so hard around my dick that I shot my load up her cunt while she came. I rolled over tired and out of breath, but she was not done.
She told me to sit on the bed and watch. She laid down in front of me on her back and put her lgs on the bed, one on each side of me. Her pussy was swollen and dark red. It was so wet that her thighs and ass glistened. My come had just started to leak out of her hole. She started slowing running her hands over her body; over her tits to play with her hard nipples, up to her neck and lightly over her lips and down over her belly to her inner thighs where she tickled and teased herself lightly then back up to her chest. She became more and more aroused as she teased herself and me. I got very hard again watching this show and began to slowly stroke my dick.
She then dipped her middle finger into her pussy and fucked herself for a few seconds. I could see her stomach muscles flex as she stroked her own g-spot. I started to stroke faster and she pulled her fingers out and brought her juices and my come to her mouth to taste. She said "mmmmmmm, tastes like sex!" She continued to rub her clit and finger herself with one hand while she licked the juices from the other, alternating back and forth.
Eventually I felt like I was getting close so I kneed down on the floor between her legs and started to stroke faster. She saw that I was about to come and began fingering herself hard with one hand while rubbing her clit fast with the other. She tensed up and her head thrashed about as she came again, moaning uncontrollably. When I saw this I ejaculated all over her stomach, her chest and her hands that were still working her pussy. When her orgasm subsided, she licked my come from her hands and scooped the come from her body up and ate it as well.
This is only one of many, many wild experiences I had with Anne Marie. Drop me a line if you want to hear more:



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