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Freshman Dorm

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Last year I started college and had to share a room with someone else for the first time in my life. At home I had a sister, so we each had our own rooms. Another guy, Brad, from my high school was attending the same college, so we decided to room together, figuring would be better to kinda know who your roommate was instead of just being total strangers.

Well, move in day came, and I discovered just how small of a room two people can be expected to share. Freshman were only assigned to the old style dorms, which consists of a room with two built in closets along the wall with the door, a bunk bed, and two desks, the bathroom was down the hall with a large communal shower. Our dorm was three floors with 60 guys to a floor. We also discovered that the old dorm did not have air conditioning. So most of the moving in that day at the dorm was done by shirtless 18-19 year old guys, with parents trudging along behind trying to help.

Once the parents were gone, we unpacked the rest of our clothes and stuff and got around to meeting some of the other guys on the floor. I was played out, and so went to bed around midnight, and slept soundly except for being woken up through the middle of the night by a mild vibration... couldn't figure out what it was and rolled over and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with major wood, and just as I started to move my hands underneath my covers to take care of it, I suddenly remembered that I was in the dorm and not at home. Just then, Brad, swung his feet down over the side, clad in his boxerbriefs, and said he was heading down to the showers.

As soon as he left, my left hand pulled down the front of my boxerbriefs, and my right hand went furiously to work on my morning wood. Within 30 seconds I shot three large spurts up onto my chest, I slipped my boxerbriefs off the rest of the way and used them to wipe it up. I threw my boxerbriefs into my laundry basket and wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the showers.

This happened the next few days, and I seemed to always be the first one to bed, I was starting to miss my usual routine of jerking for a bit before bed, but that was so hard to make happen with a roommate. And almost every night that first week or so, I would wake up through the night to a gentle vibration in the bunk. I just figured it had something to do with the building dynamics.

Then one morning, when we were back from the shower, and getting dressed to head to class, I asked Brad if he was ever woken up through the night by that weird vibration, explaining it to him as mostly a slow vibration, but occasionally it felt a little more intense. For some reason, he reddened in the face as he said, no, I haven't noticed that.

For a couple of nights after that discussion, I slept the whole night through. Then, one night, I could not get to sleep. I went to bed at the usual time, and Brad was at his desk studying, so I just kept quiet, and had my eyes closed, hoping that sleep would happen. After about an hour, Brad got up from his desk, and through my almost closed eyes, I saw him strip down to his briefs and climb up into the top bunk. He was not aware of the fact that I had not yet fallen asleep.

Within a few minutes, the bed started vibrating like it had before when I had woken up through the night. I thought, okay, Brad can't be asleep yet, so I got up out of my bed and said okay now do you feel the vibration and as I said it I noticed that Brad had taken his briefs off and was stroking his hardon real slowly.. as he realized that I saw him, he reached for his sheet to pull it across his body. I think I turned as red as he did. I also got hard as a rock in my boxerbriefs seeing him getting in his nightly jo which I had been denying myself. I was like, oh man, I'm so sorry, oh man, I didn't realize it was that, oh man, I pulled on a pair of shorts and left the room to go down to the study lounge. I figured, best to leave the room, and let him finish off his jerk.

About ten minutes later, he came down to the lounge, opened the door, and just said, umm, ur tired right? its okay to come back now. So I got up and headed back to the room with him. Upon arriving in the room, noticed there were some crumpled tissues in the trash can that hadn't been there before...so at least he finished... I took my shorts back off and crawled into bed, and he stripped back down to his briefs and got back into his bed. Then after a few minutes, he was like, umm, Mark, umm you won't say anything to the other guys will you? and I was like, nah man, no I won't.. I mean .. all guys jerk at times,.. he was like, oh ok thanks for being cool about it.

Now I was having even more trouble falling asleep. I had seen my roommate jerkin his hardon, and knew that he had used the time I had left the room to finish the deed. Thinking of this, made me get harder than usual, and my hand instinctively moved down, I moved the covers off to the side, slid my boxerbriefs down and started slowly stroking, alternating between slow and faster stroking. Then, Brad said, oh now I see what you meant by the vibrations... I was like oh crap.. I stopped and started to pull my briefs back up, when he said, Mark, if you want I will leave the room for you like you just did for me, or if you want, go ahead and finish, I'm about to fall asleep, and its not bothering me. I said, um, yeah you can stay, I umm won't be too long.

And so I started jerking again and within a few minutes shot my cum all over my chest, I took my boxerbriefs off the rest of the way and used them to wipe it up off my chest and threw them into my laundry basket, and covered up and slept naked. The next night when I was getting ready for bed, Brad said, oh, I think I'll go to bed too. And he got undressed, and before he got up into the bunk, he stopped and grabbed a handful of tissues, and then another handful, he handed the second handful to me and said, buddy, let's just make the rule, that we both go to bed at same time, and when the lights are out, its okay to take care of things. I smiled and said... great.

So he got up into his top bunk, and I saw him taking his briefs off as I turned the light off to the room before crawling into my bed. Soon, I noticed the bunk vibrating, and then got harder than usual, and figured might as well jerkoff too... so that got to be an almost nightly habit, only time it didn't happen were those nights when one or both of us were lucky enough to be hooking up with a girl, or one was up late studying for an exam. So, I've spent the summer back at home, and now looking forward to moving back into the dorms. And, we actually chose an old style dorm again for this next year. Figuring it's not so bad after all.



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