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Freshman Dedication

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My name is Roger and my twin brother's name is Steve. I have written before and I wanted to share our town's football ritual. I am twenty and I went through this ritual when I was a freshman and my dad and his dad both went through the same ritual when they were freshmen in high school, so what I am saying is that it has been around a long time.

The Saturday before two-a-days all of the high school football team, incoming freshmen through seniors, dads, granddads and local preachers dedicate the day to the freshmen. The day starts at one of the local churches for a big breakfast around 9:00 a.m. and then the whole gang goes out in the woods to a small privately owned lake. The team goes to the lake and the adult men cook lunch and hang together. The freshmen know that the day is about them, and most of them are scared thinking that the older players are going to do something to them, this is not the case. The day really is a dedication day for the freshmen.

When we get to the lake we make four lines across, with the seniors in the front line, the juniors in the second line, the sophomores in the third line and the freshmen in the fourth line. The seniors begin by saying 'shirt,' they all take of their shirt, they then say 'shoes,' they then all take off their shoes, they then say 'shorts/pants,' they all take of their pants and then they say 'undies,' and they all step out of their undies. The naked seniors then step into the water. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen all follow the same ritual and enter the water naked one group at a time.

For the next hour or so the team plays in the water having a great time, this is a true time of bonding. I remember this day as one of the most special days in my life and I have heard my dad and granddad make the same comment. The freshmen are still expecting something to be done to them, but once again their fears are unfounded. One of the seniors then asks everybody to please step toward the shore and he directs the actions from this point. Several of the older guys then pass out several bottles of hair rinse and every guy is given a razor. The senior in-charge then covers his dick hair with the hair rinse and shaves his dick hair while everybody watches what he is doing, at this point there is not a soft dick in the 'house.' After he finishes his dick hair he then shaves his legs.

After he is finished all of the other guys follow his lead and do the same thing, first shaving their dick hair and then their legs. It is not required, but most of the guys keep their dick hair shaved during football season. The senior leader then leads the group in a pledge, the pledge has changed some through the years, but it is primarily about being a good person and a good athlete. He begins by saying repeat after me and the group then repeats each thing that he puts into the pledge. Each of us has the balls to make a baby - repeat - but, as athletes we are committing not to have sex - repeat - and, if we do have sex it is our pledge to remove ourselves from the them - repeat - no porn - repeat - no oral sex - repeat - we keep our dicks to ourselves - repeat-we will not drink at a party where there are girls - repeat - we will not drive after we have drunk anything with alcohol - repeat - we will keep our grades up - repeat - we will not smoke - repeat - we will not do drugs or steroids - repeat - we will not text and drive - repeat-and lastly, we will honor this team by doing right - repeat.

After he is finished he then says, please be reminded that we have shaved our dick hair as a symbol of our commitment to ourselves and this team, now please join me. He then takes a good shot of hair rinse from one of the bottles and begins to jack-off - he says,' we commit to having sex with ourselves for as long as we wish to remain on this team. God wants us to do the right thing. He has given us a way to do the right thing.' By this time the bottles of hair rinse have been passed around and the team is jacking-off together in unity. It is always funny, because the freshmen always shoot their loads first, the excitement is just wonderful for their bodies. Also, I would guess that the guys in my hometown probably jack-off together more than guys from other towns. When two or three guys are together we jack-off with each other, we also commit to not jacking-each-other-off. It is ok to jack-off together, but it is not ok to touch another guy's dick, that is just the way we do it here.

I know that this approach to abstinence works, we have not had one athlete that has gone through this ritual ever become a father before he is married, not one.

The preachers in town accept the practice as good because we have one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the United States. Even the Catholic priest has to admit that what we are doing in this small East Texas town is working. Part of the reason certainly is this freshman dedication day, but another real reason for guys respecting the girls in this town and themselves is their dads do two things very well. The dads teach their sons that they expect them to be wedding night virgins and the dads in this town teach their sons that jacking-off is a wonderful Gift from God.



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