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French Maid

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I have recently started working in the North East. I'm pretty good looking and am 'ripped' as I am as always working out. I have brown hair. My dick is eight inches long.


Having recently graduated college, I was thrilled to be working at a big company downtown. My boss wanted me to present the latest quarter sales to corporate in Paris. He sat me down in his office late in the day and told me 'Andrew, this is a great opportunity to prove your worth. Don't fuck this up.' I told him he could count on me. I headed to my loft to pack. I decided since the presentation was about three hours after my arrival, I would just travel in my suit and tie.

However, stupid mistake because my plane to Paris was packed. I was ironically seated between a fat sweaty husband and wife. By the time the plane landed I was covered in sweat due to being so close to them. I felt like such a mess but had to get over to headquarters.

On the way there in the taxi, I felt something I hadn't felt since my slutty girl friend cheated on me. It was my cock. I thought 'son of bitch! I hope this doesn't come out during the meeting.' Unfortunately my thoughts were interrupted by the executive that met me on the curb. She was about 5'5' with giant tits. I could feel my cock had reached its full length.

She led me in. I pulled all my mental strength to make it through the meeting. Remarkably I was able to make it through it without thinking about my problem. The execs loved the presentation. They called my boss and told him how impressed they were by me. They all shook my hands and left.

I was cleaning up my papers when the big titted exec came back because she forgot something. One of the books she collected fell out of her hand. When she bent down to pick it up I could see her beautiful firm tits because she wasn't wearing a bra. My hard dick was back by this point with a vengeance. I knew at the point I couldn't last much longer.

After she left, I darted to a taxi. Luckily for me, my hotel was only a few blocks away. After I arrived the man at the front desk told me my room hadn't been cleaned yet. I told him I didn't give a fuck and just let me check in. He relented and gave me a complementary dinner. I thanked him and rushed up to my unclean room. By the time I got to my door I already had my dress shirt unbuttoned. I was the most horny I had ever been. Sweat was covering my body as I flung the door open, grabbed my laptop and went to a good site.

I brought my favorite girl up and started to jerk as she got her pussy stuffed on screen. My cock was pointing straight up like an arrow. I massaged the head with two fingers from one hand as my other hand massaged my balls. I had my eyes closed and was breathing heavy. Apparently my breathing was so deep I hadn't heard the cleaning lady come in. Her gasp was what knocked me out of my bliss. She seemed to be in her early twenties. Her name tag read Jane. After noticing her soft blonde hair I noticed her massive breasts that her maids outfit barely contained. They looked like Double Ds!

Before I could say anything she left. Having never been shy (My buddies and I use to have circle jerks in high school showers after gym class in front of the other kids) this sudden interruption only made me harder. I hurried my hands up and within seconds my dick began to spew its load. Rope after rope hit my chest. As my breathing became less labored and the cum dried on me I drifted off to sleep. In my sleep all I could picture was that hot maid and her even hotter massive tits. In my dream she had come in and asked if I needed anything extra, I told her I did. Without any further discussion she began to massage my dick.

A noise is what woke me up from this fantasy. Still what woke me up was much better. The maid Jane was back. Her face was red due to embarrassment because she had come to leave a note apologizing for walking in and had thought I had left to go to dinner. That and the fact I was still naked. I sat up and told her it was fine and invited her to sit while I put on my white briefs. She continued to apologize. I told her it was quite alright and actually thanked her for 'helping' me get off.

At this point her eyes shifted to my cock. I looked down to discover I was hard again. She blushed upon me noticing and shifted a little strangely in her seat. I asked her if she was all right. She told me in her French accent that she was so turned on by what she saw earlier that upon leaving my room she had fingered her pussy in the storage closet but was still horny. I was shocked, but after quickly regaining my composure I looked in her eyes and asked if she need any help with fixing that.

Jane got a mischievous look in her eyes and told me she thought I would never ask. With that I got up and joined her on the couch. I ran my hands through her hair as we made out. The kissing turned me on further. We came back up for air and I then commenced pulling down her skirt. A pair of black lace panties greeted me. Without thinking I licked her panties as her legs began to quiver. I could smell her juices from earlier. Jane then pushed me back as she got on my chest. She shifted down and we started to dry hump.

A few minutes later she ripped open her blouse revealing her luscious tits. I got up and threw her on her back. We kissed as I used my finger tips to massage her nipples. After they were good and hard I repositioned my head and began to lick her nipples. She moaned as her fingers drifted into her panties. Upon realizing this I ripped off her panties and using three fingers I fingered her cunt. She began to yell 'finger me harder! Fuck You! I want to cum.'

Upon hearing that I used a fourth to finish her off. Her eyes slammed shut and she pushed by hands her away as her body rippled with the orgasmic waves. Upon coming back down, she looked at me and declared that is was my turn. I plopped down on the bed while she tore off my briefs. Jane spat on her hands and began to jack my tool off. She alternated between a few different techniques. Me breathing harder tipped her off that I was close. She stopped jerking and instructed me to cum on her face. I was more than to happy to oblige.

She began to finger herself as I grunted and let my cock unload. After about 10 ropes of cum I fell to the bed. She joined me and began to lick her lips. After she was satisfied we began to make out again. About 10 minutes later I asked her if she wanted to take a shower together since we were drenched in sweat and our juices. She agreed and asked if I had seen the shower yet. I told her that I hadn't since I had arrived in a hurry. Jane got the mischievous look in her eyes again and said 'That's good. They're pretty roomy. A perfect size to cum in.' With that she got up and led me into the bathroom.

There were other fun times to follow. I hope this makes sense because it's late while I write this. Hope you enjoy!



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