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I dislike the secrecy involved with puberty for girls. In particular, all the 'nice girls don't/won't that seems to go with it. I also hate the constant nagging from parents to 'keep clean'. It's hard enough coming to terms with puberty and periods, let alone being made to feel bad about the sexual feelings that come with it all. So......


I realised that I was feeling 'horny' rather than 'prickly down there' on my 16th birthday. Now, I know I was a late starter, but hey, things happen when they happen, right? I remember it very clearly, by first exploration with the goal of an orgasm in mind. (Achieved, I am pleased to say!) But then, I started to want to be something of an exhibitionist. I liked the way guys would look at me on my way to school. I also liked imagining what they might me thinking. 'What colour are her panties.... does she masturbate.. is she a horny little bitch.' And I used to deliberately flaunt myself too. Everything from hitching my skirt up way too short so even a small breeze would expose my panties to sitting on the ground at bus stops deliberately showing my crotch. (This usually sent me straight to the bathroom at school as soon as I got there.)

Now, I have a younger sister and our parents have a trampoline in our garden. We have a lot of fun there, but there is a guy living near us who I really like, even though he is older than me. I like to use the trampoline with no bra or a very short skirt. Now they have something we don't. A swimming pool! It was really really good one day when his wife invited us to use it. (Unfortunately for me, he was out.) Anyway, his wife allowed us to change in their bedroom and I made damn sure I took my smallest bikini with me. (I really hoped he would come home and see me.) I also know that my pubes show through the material and out of the sides of this as it really is way too small for me. So.. there we were in his pool.

After a while, I wanted to get changed...(the pool is unheated) and I went into the house and into their bedroom, where I found him holding my panties to his face with his cock out! He was way embarrassed, and I was WAAYYY turned on! He tried to mutter some half-assed apology, but I thought I would use it for my own pleasure to so I told him to lock the door and carry on. As he did, I stripped completely and lay on his bed. I told him to keep going and to tell me when he was going to cum, at the same time, I started to masturbate myself like crazy. Then he moaned that he was there and I held myself wide open while he cummed onto me. It went like EVERYHWERE, on my face, my tummy and my pussy. This made me go again.

After, I told him he could keep my panties and that I would make sure he had some more from time to time.

All that night, I had my hands between my legs. I rubbed off so many times my clit was sore the next day.

I am sure as all hell that I want him to be my first, and that I want to feel his hands on me. I think I will ask him outright if he wants to make me cum.

Maybe I'll tell you what happens.

See, sometimes we like to be dirty too. It's fun deliberately exposing yourself for a man, especially when you have had years of 'Don't let anyone see you THERE' and all that shit. I know damn well that my sex is my power, but it's also my gift to give it to whoever I want. I know that at the moment, I really want to explore my darker side sexually. Something in me is telling me NOT to do this with boys of my own age. All they want is a fuck anyway, and they often tell. No, I want someone who will keep my little secrets and let me explore anything I want. Apart from wanting him to be my first, I also want (first) to explore mutual masturbation with him. I want to know what feels like to have my ass fingered. I also want to have him watch me pee. I've read a bit about it here and its something that turns me on heaps. I have no problem with the thought of me peeing on him, or the other way around. I also want to finger his ass too. But my deepest fantasy is to suck his dick after he has fucked his wife. I think that would be so horny!



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