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Free Night in the Dorm Lounge

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What started as some reluctant exhibitionism turned into a really hot public display.


Note: Although there was alcohol at this party, I did not drink any and neither me nor the guy I fooled around with were intoxicated.

Last year was my freshman year of college. At my school, right before final exams, there are two "quiet days" during which campus is really boring and silent while everyone is studying. At the end of that second day is something called "Free Night."

Free Night, officially, is a night to unwind before finals during which most on-campus food is discounted and during which "reasonable partying" is allowed in the dorms.

Technically, that means food and music in the dorm lounges, but the RAs tend to be very lax about it and let people get away with a little drinking and some over-the-top partying.

My very first semester, I stayed in my dorm room through the night as I was too shy to really party. During my second semester, however, I had made a lot more friends that convinced me to join them.

During the festivities, two of my friends got quite rowdy and ended up stripping down to their panties. Both of them soon started pulling on my clothes and begging me to strip with them.

We were in the third floor lounge of our dorm, with only a few guys and girls hanging out and I figured "what the hell" and let them strip me to my panties as well. Eventually, we were all sitting on the couches watching three other guys and a girl playing Mario Kart while we were all screaming like crazy.

I was sitting next to a really hot guy a year older than me, and I noticed he kept looking at my tits. It was around then that one of my friends sneaked up to my legs and pulled down my panties.

At first, I freaked out and covered myself. But my friends were laughing and pulling my hands away, telling me to "live a little."

While I was still embarrassed, I did move my hands and expose myself completely to the room, and I started feeling more confident as the others were telling me how great I looked.

Soon, both of my friends had started grinding up against guys and were being fingered. They were on display for everyone in the lounge and were clearly having the time of their lives.

It was then that the hot guy next to me tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to him and he asked "Can I finger you?" At that point I was soaking wet from watching my friends get it on, but I was too embarrassed to start masturbating in front of everyone.

He saw that I was unsure and reassured me that he'd be gentle. So I nodded and moved his hand to my pussy. He began to thrust two fingers up inside me, slowly at first, but eventually speeding up. There were a few guys watching us, but not as many as were watching my friends, who at this point were jacking off the guys they were with as well.

As the guy got faster, I began to buck my hips against his hand and started rubbing my clit as well. It felt amazing having a guy do it to me in front of so many people. Eventually, the guy unzipped his jeans and took out his dick, which was clearly throbbing, and began to jack off with his free hand.

I felt bad that he had to do it himself, so I moved his hand away and got on my knees in front of him. I pulled down his jeans, exposing his tight black boxer briefs, and then climbed onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around him and began grinding my drenched pussy against his swollen cock. He continued to stroke it and started rubbing the tip hard against my clit, but without putting it inside me.

At that point, there were a few guys cheering him on (at which point I learned his name was Eric), and my two friends were whistling and shouting my name as well. Wanting to show me off a bit more, Eric lifted me up and turned me around so that my front was visible to everyone. Now the whole group could see his sticky cock massaging my pussy lips.

It wasn't long after that I began to feel my climax approaching. I began to bounce up and down a bit, grinding hard against his dick. We both began to moan like crazy. Finally, I began to cum, letting out one long moan as he held me tight against him. Not long after he shot his load all over my stomach and tits.

A bunch of the guys and girls applauded when he came. Eventually, things started to quiet down as couples went back to their rooms to have some sex in privacy. Eric and I eventually fell asleep on the couch, all sweaty and coated in juices and cum, and stayed there until around three in the morning, when one of the RAs (Eric's cousin in fact), told us to get to bed before one of the maintenance people saw us.

Luckily, neither of us had any exams that day.



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