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Freddy's Hard On

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Poor Freddy couldn't help it. There was so much female flesh around him.


This went on last summer at a friend's house. She was having a pool party in her back yard. Most were kids from her high school. I wasn't one of them but was a neighbor and Tammy asked me over.

All the girls there were wearing little bikinis and showing lots of flesh. Then, there was poor Freddy. He was wearing these tight little brief style swim ware and it showed everything. But, with Freddy, instead of a rounded bulge there, it was a long, hard rod. Yes; his hard on! It was obvious that Freddy couldn't take it and he was some kind of aroused at what he was seeing. I knew I just had to help him out of his predicament.

I was 17 and had been sexually active with boys for over a year at the time. I knew quite a bit about boy's hard ons and what to do with them being I'd given lots of hand jobs to lots of boys for over a year. So, when I saw Freddy standing behind the counter trying to hide his predicament, I went over to him. I leaned against the counter just like he was but then I reached down and put my hand on his hard on right through his suit. Freddy jumped when I did this and looked at me with a weird look on his face. I just winked at him and said 'Feel good'? Poor Freddy didn't know what to say. He just stood there with his mouth open looking at me.

I then told him 'I know. All these girls running around here half naked are just too much. Right'? Freddy then said 'I can't help it. I'm trying to keep that from happening but can't'. I then told Freddy 'I can help you, if you'd like'. Freddy looked at me and said 'How'? I told him 'I've been around these things and I know. Just take it from me. Come on if you want my help'. I turned and headed inside the house. Freddy followed me. I figured he would. I headed for Tammy's room and went in. Freddy came in and I closed and locked the door. I had already told Tammy what I was up to. I turned to Freddy and then walked up to him looking straight at his 'problem'. I put my hand on it again rubbing it through his suit. Freddy went to almost purring. I then took my thumbs and stuck them inside the waist band and pulled them down. Freddy's eyes were like fifty cent pieces as he looked at me. He was standing in front of a girl with his hard on pointing straight up. I asked him 'Have you ever got a hand job from a girl before'? He shook his head no. I asked 'Would you want your first one now'? He just shook his head yes without saying a word. I then ask him 'Have you ever felt a girl's body anywhere before'? He shook his head no again. I told him 'You can touch me. I know boys like doing this. Where do you want to touch me at'? Freddy finally spoke and asked 'OK if I feel your legs'? I said 'Sure. Give me your hand'. I took his hand and put it on my inner thigh and ask 'Feel good'? Freddy said 'Oh, yes'! I then put my hand around his hard on and started stroking it. I told Freddy 'It's OK if you want to cum on my legs when it's time'. Freddy had his eyes closed. It didn't take but maybe half a minute when Freddy went to saying 'Oh god, I'm going to go. Oh, I'm going' as he stuck out his hips pointing his hard dick towards me legs. With a low groan sound, he started squirting his cum. I've always loved watching this from the first time I ever saw my first boy cum. Freddy shot four or five good ropes of his cum on my legs and the floor. He finally eased down from his orgasmic feelings. I let go of his dick and headed to the bath room for a cloth. I cleaned the cum off my legs and then cleaned up the floor. Freddy wiped off and put his swim suit back on. I ask him 'Feel better now'? Freddy said 'Oh yes. Thank you for that'. I said 'Glad I could help'.

After this, Freddy could then join the kids at the party and have a good time without being all embarrassed with that big hard on he had. I was just wondering how long he'd last before it happened again with all that female flesh running around him. I soon afterwards had to leave. I had a date and I knew this also meant another hand job to give.



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