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I'm so glad someone is collecting these incidents in an archive. These private and intense childhood moments are what really shaped us. We should be collecting, preserving and studying them. So I will put my most intense early masturbation experiences on record too: The first time I can remember I was nine. It was summer vacation and I was playing cops and robbers with my friend Freddy who was 12 and big for his age. I had no shirt on and just jeans with no belt. No shoes or socks either and it was too hot for underpants. We were pulling off a heist (stealing bitter wild cherries from his grandfather's tree) and as we were escaping with our loot we were being pursued by imaginary G-Men. I was 'Shot in the leg' and Freddy had to heroically carry me away. He did this by my climbing up on his shoulders with my legs dangling from around his neck. I was very light then so it was easy for him. I felt my balls rubbing against his neck as I was jostled, and it felt good so I deliberately rubbed it some more. He noticed because when I stopped rubbing he moved his neck against me to keep up the friction. Pretty soon I knew he could feel my dick sticking him in the neck too. When we finally got back to the hideout (his room) he laid me on the bed and said he'd have to remove the bullet. He put his hands on the button of my jeans and I jumped in panic. He put his hand on my bare shoulder and quietly said, 'It's ok, we're both boys.' I don't understand now why that quieted me the way it did, but it got me to relax and I let him open my jeans which he did very slowly, and if he saw I was getting a little tense he slowed down. After a long time my jeans were down about halfway to my knees. The 'bullet' he discovered, entered my groin and he had to lift my balls with one hand to work on removing it. This took a long, long time and I was enjoying his warm hand on my balls, which he held firmly. At last he was finally wrapping got a rag wrapped around the 'wound' on the very top of my leg, he told me to hold up my dick and balls myself so he could tie it.. My little dick was getting pretty big and I was sorry when he took his hand off my nuts. I started to pull my pants back up, still laying on my back. He stopped me and said, 'no I want to show you something, wait', and he opened his pants and showed me his hard dick and I saw he was hairy there. He said, 'did you ever see one like this? And with hair?' I confessed I had not and I was fascinated with how big and hard it was and that he had hair there. It was fine, long black hair, not curly yet. He took my hand and tried to put it on his dick. Once again I panicked and pulled away. He said, 'It's ok, just feel how hard it is. There's a bone in there that you grow when you are older.' I could see it was a lot different than mine and I believed him. So I let him put my hand on it and I squeezed it. I did believe he had a bone in there because it was so hard. He told me that there was something else I didn't know yet. He said I should keep squeezing and I'd learn something boys need to know as they got older. So I kept squeezing it hard and letting it loose and squeezing it again. He started to tremble, his arms and his legs, like he was having tremors all over, and then he sounded to me like he was gasping for air. I thought something bad was happening to him and I let go but his tremors kept getting stronger. After I let go he grabbed himself and pulled, really yanked on it, hard, and three big thick wads shot out.like three cannon balls. I was laying right there and they hit me. They were very thick, sticky and clumpy. They smelled funny, like laundry bleach I thought. We both picked up one and played with them. I examined it very closely and smelled it. It was more the consistency of loose putty than adult cum. That day was a real adventure for me, and I felt like I was growing up after we did these things. Sometimes when we were alone after that Freddy would find and excuse to pull out his dick to show me how hard it was. But I wouldn't play those games again even though I wanted to. It was maybe a year and a half later before I was able to have an orgasm myself. I know mine were watery and never so thick as Freddy's. I don't remember the first time I came, but I can't forget a humiliating day in the seventh grade. I had copied from someone's paper and I got caught. The teacher called me up and was scolding and shaming me in front of the whole class. When I was that age my hand automatically went to my crotch when I was really scared or ashamed. I didn't realize it at the time because I was so upset, but I was standing in front of the class rubbing my erect cock through my pants. The teacher, already furious at me, saw what I was doing and she got a truly horrified look on her face and shouted, 'Put your hand down!' till then I didn't realize where my hand was. I looked down and saw. I got horrified too. I pulled my hand away like from a hot pan, but my erection held my pants out like a tent pole would. I felt like I was standing there naked and I must have turned redder than a beet. I remember all at once the sweat seemed to be pouring out of me. I concentrated on making my boner go away but it only got harder. I tried not to look at it but I kept checking to see if it had gone down. Already overwhelmed with the humiliation of the scolding, this was too much for my system, I think. My heartbeat was racing and I could feel my head thumping with each beat. I started to make little spasms and they got bigger and bigger and a wet spot grew on my pants. There was giggling and I heard someone whisper 'he peed his pants.' But it wasn't pee, it was semen that was coming out of me. I was glad everyone thought it was pee. But it was only morning and I had to go through the day with a big spot. I had nightmares about that day for years afterwards



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