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Freaking Out in the Tub

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There seems to be a spate of 'first-time' stories lately... so here's the story of my first and second times.


When I had my first orgasm, I was sort of a late bloomer, really. This is the story of how it happened.

I never got 'the talk' about sex from my parents, but I managed to read up on it (in the encyclopedia in sixth grade!), and knew that was what had to take place to cause a woman to have a baby. At the time, I was under the impression that having a baby was the only reason to have sex, and no one told me any different. Sometimes when I'd look at girls in school I'd feel my penis get hard, and I wondered what they looked like naked, but did'nt connect that with any sort of sexual pleasure, really. I went through puberty over the summer of my 14th year. I grew about 2 inches taller that summer, gained another inch or so in the size of my dick, and started having erections other than when I woke up, which felt nice. Still, I'd never really stroked myself, and I never have had a wet dream. I also had grown a pretty good crop of pubic hair (and some facial hair, too... I started having to shave about this same time!), which is what led to my first orgasm.

At the time, the hair on my head was pretty short, and so I did'nt really have to use shampoo to keep it clean... just ran a bar of soap over my hair while I was washing my face. But puberty caused all sorts of changes, and one was that my hair grew at a pretty fast rate and got dirty and oily more often, so that the soap really did'nt work as well to keep it clean as it used to. So, I began using shampoo on my head, and since I had hair around my dick and balls, I figured that to clean it properly, shampoo was needed there as well.

One evening I was taking a bath. I was alone in the house, my parents having gone down the road to visit my grandparents. Usually when I was in the bathroom, my parents or younger brother were outside the door urging me to hurry up, but since they were gone, I was taking my time getting washed up. I soaped up and cleaned my body, then rinsed off and shampooed my hair clean and rinsed it off, all while standing up. Then I lay back down in the tub, just enjoying the feeling of being naked and relaxed and began to shampoo my pubic hair.

I was lazily massaging my pubes when my penis began to rise from beneath the water. Almost as if it were'nt my hand, I ran my fingers over it, covering it with soap. It snapped to attention, and with my other hand, I held the base of it, pulling my foreskin down, while rubbing myself with my soapy hand. My whole body felt like it was on fire, and I began to rub faster and faster, until I started feeling those sensations that I know know are the onset of an orgasm. When that happened, I sat up feeling a bit panicked, so that my penis went back under the water, and just then, the best feeling I'd ever had took hold of me. My butt slipped in the tub and I fell backwards a bit, my dick came up out of the water again, with the shampoo all rinsed from it, all red and throbbing. I reached down to touch it (sort of wondering if I had hurt myself, I think), and was astonished that when I did, white stuff shot out of the end of it and splashed in the water. I think I nearly passed out as I instinctively milked out the last drops of my first cum, but I came around pretty fast and was kind of freaked out when I saw the stuff floating around in the tub. I jumped out, pulled the plug and dryed myself, avoiding my dick until the last possible moment. Since it was'nt hard anymore, I thought maybe I was okay and had'nt done any permanent damage, but it was still red and a little bit sore. After that first time, I avoided touching it for awhile, even sitting down to use the toilet, and just giving it a quick rinsing when I bathed. After about a week of this, seeing and feeling no ill effects, I did it again in the tub, again using shampoo, and again freaking out a little when I came (this time with my dick under the surface), but after the first time, I knew what was going to happen when I felt the tingling beginning, and so I was pretty sure that nothing bad was going to happen to me health-wise.

From then on, I did it everytime I was in the tub, and learned what was happening when I did it. I gave up using the shampoo because I could'nt find it once, and just jacked off with my hand wrapped around my dick. Later, after my dick did'nt become all red and chapped, I figured out that the shampoo was what was causing that, and so never used it again as a lubricant. I also found out that the bathtub was'nt the only place I could masturbate and that I did'nt have to use any sort of lube and could just rub my foreskin over the head of my dick to come, and it became a daily habit that I continue today. But that first time in the bathtub remains one of my favourite memories, and I still stroke myself thinking about it today. And once in awhile, I even do it in the bathtub. But nowadays, I never freak out.



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