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Frankie or Ernie

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My family had a reunion this past summer at my uncle's mountain house. I met relatives I had never seen before, most lived in different states. We were told ahead of time to bring bed rolls and sleeping bags because many of us were staying the night. Most of the kids ended up sleeping in the two car garage because the house was full. The garage must have had about 20 kids sleeping there. I wasn't 19 yet and some of the kids were from about about 16 or 17. It was really late by the time it got quiet enough to sleep and I did fall asleep right away.


I don't know what time it was but I got up to go to the bathroom. When I came back into the garage it was very dark but I found where my sleeping bag was and laid down on it. I did see a couple of the kids walking around but didn't think much about it. It was warm out so all I had on was cut off sweats and a T shirt. I didn't have my bra or panties on because they were still wet from earlier in the day. I couldn't fall asleep right away and did see somebody lay down next to me. Right away I knew it was either Frankie or Ernie. They are twins who were adopted by my aunt and uncle when they were babies. They are 16 and I only saw them a couple times before that when we visited them in Georgia.

I just laid there for awhile and couldn't fall asleep, my sister was on the other side of me but she was sound asleep. After about 10 minutes I felt a hand on my stomach. I wasn't sure who it was so just said both names. There was no answer so I just thought whichever one it was, was sleeping. I moved his hand away slowly and within a few minutes it was back. Again I just said with a question Frankie?, Ernie?. I got no response so for some reason I just left his hand on my tummy. It was so dark I just layed there for awhile and began feeling his hand moving around a little bit.

He began rubbing my tummy and I admit now that I knew he was probably awake like I was. I'm not sure why I did, but I just let him keep doing it. When I felt his hand go inside my sweat shorts I guess I should have stopped him or even smacked his hand, but I didn't. By this time his fingers were touching my pubic hair. I know I should have stopped him then but for some reason I just let him continue to touch me. I had masturbated a lot of times but hadn't for almost a week and knew I was getting aroused by him doing that. For the longest time he just brushed my pubic hair and rubbed down by my thighs. My legs were close together and I don't know what possessed me to do it but I began spreading my legs apart. That's when he started touching my vagina.

I knew right away I was encouraging him but couldn't help myself. I felt myself getting wet and just let him feel me. I wondered if he thought I was asleep or just thought I was liking it. I wasn't even thinking but I began moving my pelvis in and out the more his finger went in me. He sat up some and his other hand went inside my T shirt and he began rubbing my breasts and fingering me with his other hand. By now I was completely aroused and wet and had an orgasm right away. I purposely made no sounds but wanted to at the time. He kept fingering me and before I knew it I was aroused all over again. I think I climaxed three times altogether and that's when he finally stopped. I just lay there for awhile thinking how terrible it was to let him do that. We never spoke and I started thinking how I could possibly face him the next day still not sure if it was Frankie or Ernie. After about five or ten minutes he got up and walked away with his bed roll.

I couldn't go to sleep after that and just lay there until daylight when some of the younger kids got up. I was a nervous wreck and so ashamed of myself. I never even let my boyfriend touch me like that and still haven't. When I got up I looked around the garage and both Frankie and Ernie were still sleeping near the back of the garage. The rest of that day I did see them often but tried to avoid looking at them. They are not identical twins but I still don't know which one it was. By late afternoon everyone left and my mom, dad, sister and I took the long ride home. I was finally able to sleep but still couldn't stop thinking about it.

As much as I liked what he did I dread the thought of seeing them again. It was bad enough that he did that but even worse that I let him. They are supposed to visit us next spring and I can only imagine how humiliating it will be for me. I think about it lots of times and sometimes when I masturbate. I did like it when he did it to me but am embarrassed now that I gave into him so much. The worst part is not knowing which one it was.



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