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Four Times

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The night I came four times


When I was 27 I moved into my own apartment. I had just started to date a girl who I knew for about three years. We were friends through a few people and always hung out together. At parties we would talk all night and I ended up driving her home. We started to go to movies during the week and one night after a friends wedding we started to make out in her parents driveway. About one week later I moved into my apartment. Her mother was okay with her staying the weekend, but not during the week. Her father always looked at me as the guy screwing his daughter.

I picked her up at her parents house and gave them my phone number, address and a set of keys. This made her mother happy. On the way to my place she put her hand on my thigh and kept grabbing my dick. I was so turned on when we got home I almost threw her over my shoulder to get upstairs faster. Once in the place we started to kiss. My hands were all over her back and ass. She pushed me away and told me to strip. I took off my shirt, pants, shoes and socks. When I was in my underwear I was told to stop. She then took off her shirt, shoes and pants. She is five foot seven inches and about 130 lbs. Her breasts were 34C and she had long brown hair.

I was leaking precum and she could see the wet spot. She took off her bra and I smiled from ear to ear. Then she wanted us to turn around and take off our underwear together. When we were naked we turned around. She told me my dick looked good and she wanted a feel. I looked at her bush and saw how wet she was. She came forward and reached out and started to gently rub it. I was in heaven. I had a new place and the girl of my dreams. I gave her a kiss. I then pushed her back slightly and sucked on her tits. I then stroked my fingers down to her belly button and then her vagina, as she continued to massage my very hard dick. When I rubbed her vagina she giggled. Then I went to town pushing two fingers up her wet channel and she was moaning like crazy. When her orgasm hit she gasped and bucked her hips. Call it the excitement of it all but as she was writhing on my fingers she grabbed my ass and I cummed hard. I shot four long ropes of semen onto the carpet. She told me no more, no more. We cuddled for about ten minutes and then got dressed.

After dinner we were watching a movie. She had her head in my lap. When a sex scene came on I started to get excited. She felt me getting hard. She looked at me and says down boy and grabs my dick. I apoligized and we continued to watch. She gets up to go to the bathroom when a few minutes later calls for me. I go to the bathroom and she is not there. I look in the bedroom and she is lying naked on the bed with her legs wide open. I strip and we start to make out. She ends up on top and rubs herself against my thigh. She holds my dick in her fist and I start to move with her.

In a few minutes we are in a rythym and really getting into it. In a few minutes I am pounding my dick against her leg and lifting her body in the air. She tells me she is close to cumming and in a few seconds I cum and so does she. She slides off me and we turn on the tv. As we watch TV we talk. She tells me about her going to a nude beach, how she sunbathes topless and when we sleep she will be naked.

After about 40 minutes she starts to play with my balls. Using her fingernails to lightly rub them, running them thru her fingers and gently squeezing them. I get fully aroused when she gets between my legs and starts to really pull on them. I am in heaven. Nothing in the world feels this good. In a few minutes she tells me to masturbate for her. I grab my dick and start to play with myself. In about 30 seconds I cum all over her. I tell her I'm sorry, but she loved it. She licks the cum off me and takes the rest off her leg with her fingers.

I have cum three times and I'm ready for bed. She still wants to cuddle and make out. As we cuddle I fall asleep. About an hour later at midnight I wake to go to the bathroom. I don't turn on the lights and before I start to pee she says don't you dare pee on me. I look down at her sat on the toilet and she tells me no golden showers for her. We both laugh and she turns on the light and stands up to watch me pee. When I start flowing she grabs my dick and holds it while I go.

When I stop peeing, she rubs the head and I start to get hard. Looking in the mirror it was a sexy scene with us both naked, her holding my hard dick and her rubbing it. She asks if I have done it doggie style. No I tell her. She moves in front of me and bends over holding onto the cistern. Grind against my bum, she says. I rub my dick between the cheeks of her arse and start to slide up and down. I reach down and rub her wet lips. When I am about cum she tells me to cum on her back. Some sperm lands in her hair.

We both fell asleep in minutes. The next morning I am so tired and my dick hurts. She looks at me and tells me it is the first time a guy ever had four orgasms with her in one night. She told me my dick has it's tongue hanging out from being so tired.



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