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Found Sis' Toys

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I'm not sure which section to put this in, solo male or mf.


Growing up in the middle of nowhere in my early teens we really didn't have much to do, or all that many girls around. All I had was a younger sister. She was three years younger and we used to play a bit. However, as soon as I started getting erections and jacking off I was stealing my dads porn. It wasn't that long soon after I began noticing my sister. She was curious when I was watching once and told me that she knew what I was doing and even watched a dirty movie with

me as I jacked off (the first girl to ever see my dick). She actually reached down and rubbed herself a bit over her pink pants. I shot an

amazing load and that was it.

We never did much else. Although over the couple of years she started to develop, and I couldn't stop staring. My sis Lyndsey started to grow the most amazing tits. There was a period before she started wearing a bra that her nipples showed through her tops very noticeably. Eventually she ended up joining the swim team and got into shape.

Great shape. It got me off just to look at her, and to paint a picture she is 5ft7' with long brown hair and blond highlights to the middle of her back, brown eyes, full lips, swimmers build with delicious 36 c tits (and years later a belly button and tongue ring). I couldn't stop looking. And thinking how could I see her nude? I really wanted to see it all. Luckily my parents both worked and we were alone most of the day. I tried a few different things with no luck, when I realized that I could see into her room with a small gap in the door.

You could see a couple of feet from the floor to the middle of the room clearly but that was about it. I would wait until she showered. I would hear the shower run and would get hard and my heart would beat fast in anticipation. The first few times, nothing, but eventually she would come into her room and drop the towel and get dressed closer to the bed. First time I saw an ass cheek. Then, one day, she turned and I saw the finest most beautiful trimmed pussy. One single line. I went to my room, I was shaking. My cock was so hard. I came loads that night. I had to be careful because I almost got caught a few times, so I had to cut back and limit my peeks.

I never really got a great look at her tits, I always wanted a full on peak but I usually only saw the sides. One day however, I was looking and she did her routine and dropped her towel. Great view, her bed was in the middle of the room now and what happened next shocked me. She put on a white bra. Then laid her towel out on her bed. She laid down and spread her legs exposing her hole. I went bug eyed!! She reached down with her right hand and started to rub her clit with her finger. I really couldn't believe it.

It was the hottest sight I'd seen, my little 17 yr old sister rubbing her clit with two fingers (I will never forget the white nail polish either for some reason), and not only that but her legs were spread so far I could see inside her. It was intense. She got on her stomach and was rubbing through her legs and squeezing her tit through her bra. Then I heard my folks come home so I had to go to my room and couldn't watch anymore.

Sadly I didn't see to much for awhile after that, we moved to a different town and her new room was different. I thought all hopes were lost. When I came home from college for the summers I noticed she loved taking pictures. So I knew she had to be taking nudes. Never could find any. I looked and looked, nothing. I kinda gave up.

Then one summer day she decided to go out of town with her boyfriend for a weekend to Great Adventure. My parents were out and I took this as an opportunity for a very good look (She would always come home at odd times so I knew I was safe). I looked and looked until I came upon box in the back of her closet. Upon opening There were a few packs of pictures and some sextoys.

I was rock hard in seconds. There were some for him and her, one of the things was a clit stimulator and some cock rings. They were wiped clean I noticed. I opened the pictures and looked through them and nothing out of the ordinary. Until The back of the bunch, there were some sexy poses and then. Her topless, but with her hands over her tits, shot from the waist up. I was aching to see a nipple and in one shot she had the nipple poking through her fingers. Yes! There were also pics of her in her bra and panties, even one of her fingering herself with her hand in her panties. I made copies and then put everything back. I went for one last look in the dresser and found a small white dildo. It looked recently used too. I smelled it and I could tell it had been. I dropped my pants and sat on her bed. I licked her dildo clean as I stroked myself. After that, I shoved it up my ass and beat off. If it was inside her, I wanted to use it on me. I have never been into anal but had to do it. Afterwards, I cleaned everything up.

It wasn't soon after I had moved out after graduation and can no longer peak. I still have the pictures and use them quite often, even when I do have girlfriends. I have felt guilty for all the peaking over the years for invading her privacy but I just can't stop jacking.



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