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Found Out

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As we entered puberty, a close friend of mine became something of a sex addict. Where we had romped in the woods before, building forts and making spears, we turned to sexual activities almost exclusively. The activities consisted primarily of masturbation, but one other type was acted, on as well.

The woods where we played was not far from my home, so it was an easy place to go and my mom always knew where I was, but not what I was doing.

One hot August afternoon we were lying naked beside each other, head to foot, jacking each other off. We always timed it so we could cum at the same time, and then we got dressed to just hang out. About the time we had completely dressed, my sister called out for me. It was time for dinner.

My buddy walked to his house and I joined up with my sister to go home to dinner. It was a short walk, so she asked what we were doing back there. I lied and said we were talking about building a tree house and looking for the right tree. She said, 'No, not that. What were you doing naked?'

I tried to plead ignorance, but she finally blurted out that she had seen us. She described what we were doing, and since she was two years younger than I, did not understand what was going on. She added that she would tell on us if I didn't answer her. Since we were nearly home, I told her we didn't have enough time tonight, but I would tell her the next day. That seemed OK with her.

Hoping that she would have forgotten about the previous evening's happening, I started to leave the house the following morning to look for other friends to hang out with. Laura caught me before I left, though, and asked when I was going to tell her. I sighed, and said, 'C'mon.'

I knew that none of my buds would be in the woods that morning, so I took Laura to a tiny clearing surrounded by thick brush, and started telling her about how guys get erect and so on. I became erect as we talked.

Now, at that age, all I wore from getting up until going to bed was a pair of very short shorts and briefs. Neither were tight fitting. My sister Laura wore similar shorts with a top. We sat crossed legged facing each other as we talked.

She kept looking down at my shorts and she said she could see 'it' up in there. It seems at this point my younger sister took control, because she told me to get naked. I was already worked up, so I was willing to oblige, but not without a returning favor. So we both took off our shorts and underwear. There I was, totally boned, in front of my little sister, and she was transfixed on it. I was turned on by that act, as well as seeing her hairless pussy, although we were both standing. Being somewhat brazen, I demanded that she also had to take off her top. That was not really a big deal, though, because she had not even started wearing a bra yet. Her nipples and aereola, as I recall, just seemed a little swollen.

We thoroughly checked each other out, with Laura telling me to turn this way and that, and showing herself, as well. We did a little touching and close in examination, with my cock jumping at every heartbeat. I don't know when I had ever been so hard before.

So she wanted to see it squirt now, and I laid on my back as before, and she sat beside me. This was the position she had seen me in the day before, so I thought this would be a good way to show her up close. My custom was to spit on my hand for lubrication, but this time, I got Laura to spit directly on my raging cock, and I started jacking. To help me out, I got her to turn and open her legs so I could see her pussy. She kept her eyes on my cock as I looked at her pussy and jacked slowly.

Not much was said, but I told her when I was about to cum. Then I started shooting and kept pumping for all I was worth until the last drop had dribbled out.

Laura just thought that was awesome, although that word was not in our vocabulary at the time. She asked how it felt, could I do it any time, and all such questions as I would imagine a girl would ask, having seen it for the first time.

Then, she wanted to see it squirt again. Now, at that age, it was possible, although it would take longer, and I told her that. She said, 'Fine.'

Then, I got the bright idea that I could come more quickly if I were to feel hers as she jacked me off, and I told her so. She acted as though she had been waiting for me to ask.

So, she grabbed my cock as she had seen me do, and spit on it. I put my finger on her pussy lips, but she moved my finger right to the hole, which was already wet. I thought that was normal, since I had never felt a girl before. Now I realize that she was as excited as was I.

So, she started jacking me, but I had to tell her to go slowly, at first. I kept poking my finger in further, but it was tight, even though it was plenty wet. She seemed to enjoy pleasuring me, and you know that I was totally into it by now, even though she is my sister. I would tell her to speed up a little, and she was more than happy to. Then as I felt the juices start to rise, I told her to go faster, that it was getting ready to squirt. And she did a mighty job of it. She kept jacking, even when the cum was getting on her arm and hand.

I was thoroughly pleasured, and she seemed proud of the job she had done. I didn't know that girls could cum back then, so I just kept my finger where she had put it, and she said it felt good there. She put her hand on mine and pushed a little further, even though it seemed tight. I was afraid of hurting her, but she she kept pushing and telling me how good it felt.

Then, she touched her own clitoris, which neither of us knew anything about. She said that really felt good, and put my wet finger on it. It was hard in the same way that my dick was (still) hard. She kept applying pressure on my hand and finger and because her clit was moveable, had to keep repositioning my hand. Apparently, this was even better, because she started moving my finger back and forth across her clit. She started arching her back and grunting, so I stopped, thinking she was hurting. But, she pulled my hand back to her, my finger on her clit. Then, she arched her back again and convulsed, but wouldn't let me pull my hand away this time. Then, she finally relaxed, like I did after I came.

I didn't know it then, but I had witnessed my first (and Lauras's first) female orgasm. Then, it was my turn for asking questions. She didn't know what it was, either, but she said it felt like an explosion inside her, a good explosion.

My cum was still on my belly, so Laura took to examining it, feeling it between her fingers, even tasting it. After a little more talking we stood up and brushed the leaves off of each other, cleaned off the rest of the cum with leaves, got dressed, and went back home.

Although we didn't feel we were doing anything wrong, we knew better than to tell anyone, even my jack-off buddy. We kept our secret, even though we continued our activities to their ultimate conclusion. We live three states apart now, but whenever we have a private moment, we relive the glory days.



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