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Found My Wife's G-spot

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I have been reading the experiences on your site for some time now and thought it was time to share one of my own. My wife and I have been married for five years now and have enjoyed a wonderful sex life since we first met (around eight years ago). She knows that I sometimes need satisfaction and does not care if I indulge in the art of self love.
We also like to try new and different things together. One night when we were both very horny and completely into a wonderful lovemaking session, we decided to try some mutual masturbation (which wasn't new for us). As she was giving me a wonderful hand job, I was slowly and lightly rubbing her clit. This went on for a good ten minutes, with her reaching several 'little' orgasms in the process, when she decided to introduce her 'friend'. A small, but powerful, vibrating egg. She has used it before but this time would be different. As she proceeded to use the toy on and around her clit, she asked me to use one of my fingers just inside her vaginal opening. We had discovered the area of the G-spot before but never like this. I put my middle finger inside her vagina up to the first knuckle and made a 'come here' motion, like you would point at someone to call them to you. As I made this motion, I noticed that her breathing and her body movements were changing dramatically. Her legs began to relax instead of tense up. Her arms and hands began to flow with the motion of her body. Her one hand, which was still wrapped around my erection, became loose but not to loose. Her breathing and moaning changed as well. Deeper breathing and a low tone in her voice is what clued me in that this was no normal orgasm. After about five minutes or so, her legs fell open and her hand on me opened up, but the hand with the toy stayed strong. She asked me to speed up my finger. As I did her orgasm hit as her voice sank to a level I had never heard from her. Her body relaxed from head to toe. Her vaginal walls closed in around my finger to the point that it was becoming harder to move. All of these sounds and movements were new, so I was very excited. As her voice sank lower with her orgasm, I felt something on my finger that almost caused me to ejaculate. She sank her head back into the pillow and began to surge a sweet yet musty smelling liquid from her vagina. The amount of this liquid was staggering. The bed was soaked. Neither one of us had any idea that this would be the end result, so we were unprepared for the outcome. After peaking with a three minutes orgasm, she asked what had happened. I excitedly said that she had just ejaculated. Together, we had just experienced a 'true' G-spot orgasm. This was amazing. To feel the liquid explode from her, the heat of it, the smells all were fantastic. After ten or so minutes, she slowly began to proceed with the handjob which didn't take long with my heightened level of arousal. After I exploded onto het chest and my belly, she helped me clean up and said the orgasm she had just had was a full body orgasm. She said she felt in her feet and to her head. Her tits were even to sensitive to touch, she almost came again when I sucked her nipples before making love. I will never forget that night. I find it hard to relive the experience without becoming quite hard and horny. Ever since then we have done it as much as possible.
If anyone is thinking of trying this, might I suggest a thick beach towel, folded on top of a split garbage bag. The amount of liquid that flows will soak right through a towel, so the bag will protect your bedding or furniture.



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