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Forgotten Tent

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Since I was six we spent every summer holidays with my parents friends, they all were schoolmates from the high school. We usually met for two weeks in some camp or hotel near the sea. They have a son my age and daughter two years older than my older sister.

We always stayed with our parents in the room or in tent, but when the girls were 17 and 15, they didn't want to go with us anymore, so our parents ordered them a solo room in the hotel and for the first time did so to us boys, who were only 13 at the moment. The rooms shared a balcony, so we could watch the girls changing or sun bathing topless. One night when they thought we are asleep they discussed whether we boys already masturbate or not. The other girl told that she had never seen her brother. My sister told the true story how she saw me once, not long ago, when I forgot to lock the bathroom door. I was sitting at the toilet and she walked in and saw me hard.

I felt pretty embarrassed after this, because when we were sitting on our beds back in our room my friend asked me how it was to masturbate. I told him it was great; and actually, as I was quite horny after not doing it for a while, I asked whether he would want to try. He wasn´t sure but was curious so I got naked and started to do it in front of him. I asked him why he sleeps in boxers during such a hot nights, while I slept naked all the time and he answered that he had a wet dreams very often and this was the way how he was hiding it somehow. When I was about to cum he started to be horny too and finally he joined me. The rest of the holidays we were masturbating together daily.

The next year we were 14 and had agreed to have our own tent, because we went to the camp that year. Our sisters stayed at our homes. But by a coincidence I thought that he would bring the tent and he thought I would. So we had none and had to stay in a big family tents with our parents, what was a nightmare for the 14 years old horny guys. Plus we were looking for jerking off together. We were afraid that somebody would see us going together to one shower stall and there was often cue, so it was difficult. Finally I had the idea to pretend we would go picking up something from our car, so we went and we sat on the back seat and started to do it. It was a surprise how much more mature we were, as we measured our dicks were a whole inch bigger than the last year. We told each other the real and fictional stories about what sexual we did during the year.

We planned to do this regularly, but only the second session a girl caught us. We were at our best when we saw her head in the front window that was left open. I couldn´t stop it so I ejaculated and felt like crazy. She might have been watching us for some while. Even she just smiled and left, we stayed shocked. It was the camp owners´ daughter, we knew her, she was there on duty and taking care of the guests. As she was always around it was difficult not to meet her-the next day she came to us, both turned red, and asked whether we knew there was a nudist beach nearby. We didn´t have a clue so she showed us on the map; it was walking distance from our camp and she told us she was going there every day around four in the afternoon. So we finally got the date on the nudist beach with attractive older girl who saw us jerking off together in the car.

Of course we went there, earlier, got naked and found a good place watching people come and go. She came little later, but was obviously happy to see us. She was beautiful naked and I was almost instantly hard, but this time I didn´t mind. She told me she liked my cock and that she is wet by watching it grow but we wouldn´t do anything. I never heard girl talking like this, and it was even more arousing when she told us she went to masturbate after she caught us the day before in the car. My imagination was running so fast that I felt I would cum even without touching myself. It must have been the strange view-the young woman sitting with two boys with erections; luckily not too many people were around. I told her that if she would follow talking like this I might ejaculate. She didn´t say anything but she spread her legs a little so I could see her much better and there it was, I sprayed all around without any single touch. She told this was a big surprise for her too, so I didn´t feel so stupid after this. My friend told he must go into the water. We all laughed and let him, watching his hand movement from the back. Later we asked how it was to masturbate for girl. She told us that if we would find the secluded place the next days she would show us. I had another erection when she said that and I think she really liked us being like two horny rabbits.

We kept meeting all the other days but always there was somebody around. But we saw many people doing something sexual there, at least touching each other´s intimate parts. The last day of our trip was closer and closer, we told her this and I think she really wanted to do something with us that would be pleasurable for her. So finally we did it once when almost dark and when most of the people left the beach. We watched her masturbating for us, fingering and playing with the clit. We both came twice, and I think she orgasmed four or five times.

It was amazing for a 14 years old boy, I still remember this as one of the wildest sex experience I have ever had.



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