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Foreskin Restoration Changed Life

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Foreskin Restoration Changed Life
Though I come from a religiously untraditional environment, I come from a relatively close-minded upbringing. My parents are in many ways asexual, having denied their own sexuality for so long, they see no reason for anybody else to have it. They look down on sex, and believe that one act of sex steals from them one week's worth of energy. I was not sexually active in any sense of the word (beyond kissy-facing with many girls) until I was closer to 20, and I had never really thought of masturbation or, due to the tremendous and depressing and guilt based stigma put on me about sex, considered any form of sexual gratification.
It took a lack of sex after a good relationship was destroyed by military separation for me to understand the need for masturbation in my life, but even then I'd avoid doing it until I was sore and couldn't hold out. Another hard break up put me in a sexual no go, and it cost me my health. With my sex drive gone from having been cheated on, I pretty much masturbated only once in a while. Then I found blood in my sperm, and like any person who experienced this, made a frantic call to my friend's urologist, who's nurse calmed me down enough to let me know that I would live two weeks to see the doctor. That was a scary two weeks. As it turned out, I had prostatitus caused by a lack of climax. No climax leads to a build up of ejaculate in the prostate, which in turn leads to prostatitus, an infection of the prostate treatable by a combination of antibiotics and sexual intercourse, or masturbation for those of us who have no sexual partners.
I was put on a regimen of at least once and preferably twice a day auto-stimulation. What came of it was a route of exploration that took me to a new set of conclusions about my own sexuality, and about being human. First, masturbation gave me control of my sexuality, something that I never felt I had before. Second, it helped me through the three year dry spell between my last break up and my current relationship. It gave me confidence and patience. I had what I needed, so I didn't have to feel rushed in looking for 'that someone special' to fill the void. The body's needs having been met, I could look more carefully for a person who met my spiritual and emotional needs as well. And I could imagine anything or anybody, and it was okay, because it was my time and I didn't have to act out on anything if I didn't want to.
It also led to another realization -- my current biology wasn't natural. Masturbation caused chaffing, led to soreness, and was difficult to accomplish. I found it hard to believe that with our bodies having been developed for constant sexual function, we would be so dysfunctional in regard to sexual stimulation. Closer inspection of my penis led me to discover a scar. Mind you I am a pretty intelligent person in most areas of my life, but my only lectures on sex were, part A goes in part B, and that's all you need to know except about these diseases. So don't' have sex, or if you do use a condom, but otherwise there's really noting else to talk about. So I researched the penis, for the first time in my life, and discovered a great many things. I'd been circumcised as an infant, and this is what was making masturbation difficult. I discovered that what I was missing was about 15 square inches of erogenous tissue, removed without my consent, at my infancy, like so many other American boys. Had this skin been present, problems with masturbation, and even some problems I had encountered during sex, would have been eliminated.
So now I was sexually liberated, recently discovering that I had been sexually mutilated as an infant, and that made me downright angry. I did some research and discovered that I could grow new skin to replace the missing tissues. It wouldn't be as good as the original item, but it would restore some function. I tried it (there are countless websites on the issue of foreskin restoration) and it was like licking a nine volt battery when you'd been sucking on a watch battery for most of your life before that. About two months of stretching, and masturbation became as good as sex. A year and a half later, with lots more new skin, I met that someone special, and when we hooked up, sex was incredible. Foreskin restoration had literally changed my experience ten fold. It eliminated the chaffing and pain during both sex and masturbation, and gave me more freedom and sensation. It made me decide never to let anybody cut my son's penis just so he could look like everybody else. I could never deprive him of the fullness of ecstasy that I and so many others have been denied.
From our infancy, our sexuality is attacked. We men are cut physically and degraded. We are made to feel ashamed of our own body, and though women are no better off psychologically, in the United States at least, they are safe from the butcher's knife, at least. Our teachers were all talking about abstinence, but giving us no outlet for which to maintain our sexual health. They history teachers discuss the constitution and human right, but granting
none for us as infants, teenagers, or adults. This is my body, and what I do with it should be my business. It is time we stand up not only for our own sexual rights, but for the rights of future generations, and give them the freedom and integrity of body, soul and mind, to respect themselves and pleasure themselves without guilt, fear, or incrimination.
 Sincerely, Theron L Gibbons



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