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Foreskin Fun (2)

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This is a continuation of my earlier posting.


After the first time the four of us jacked off together nothing was ever mentioned about it. Back then it was an unwritten rule to not speak about it even though we all knew we did it. Most would even deny it if the subject ever came up. Didn't matter though, most sleepovers we would compare our development and end up laying next to each other and jacking off as fast as we could. We never touched each other when doing this but would openly watch each other. I always wondered what it would be like to be circumcised. Their penises when hard looked like they were about to burst. Mine had so much skin the head would stay covered until I pulled the skin back revealing my more pink colored head.

That fall was the first time Mike and I would have to shower in gym class. Back then it was mandatory and since we were also required to wear jock straps it wasn't like you wouldn't be seen naked changing out of your underwear anyway. The only odd thing was that both the Junior High and High School years were combined being such a small town. That meant there were guys from thirteen to eighteen sharing the class. I was a bit nervous. Not because of the showers or not being circumcised, but that we would be around older kids and the rumours were that they gave us younger ones a hard time. Turns out none of it was true.

First day showering us younger ones were nervous. Some even holding their hands over themselves which I found kind of funny. No one gave me a hard time at all and only comments I got were questions as to 'what was wrong with my dick?'. This is also where I noticed I was more advanced than other guys my age. By this time I already had armpit hair, a dark peachfuzz moustache, and even thin hairs sprouting on my chest and on my stomach. My dick was a bit bigger and probably appeared more so with the skin hanging off the tip. There were some guys that were still hairless but the majority had bushes over their dicks and some pit hair. Some of the older guys figured I was their age and asked if I had just moved to town, seeming surprised when I told them my age.

Anyway, one day when changing I had a marble in my pocket that fell out when I pulled off my pants and bounced across the floor. It was a 'shooter' that was clear with a black center. An older guy down the line grabbed it and gave it back saying it looked like an eye as he held it to his forehead. I still don't know why I did this but I took it from him, pulled my skin back, and rolled it back over the marble saying it was my third eye holding my dick up for all to see. This got all the guys in my row laughing like crazy. After class ended and we were done showering, the guy asked me to do the third eye trick for his buddies which I did. Seemed like the whole class wanted to see and the Coach finally came around to hurry us along. He looked a bit surprised and yelled at me saying I shouldn't do things like that but I could tell he was holding back a smile.

Gym class was also like an awakening since this was a place where only guys were together. There was the occasional erection in the showers which were teased but only in a fun way. As long as you didn't freak out if you got one you could play it off by saying things like 'didn't have time to take care of it this morning' or 'I was watching (some girl) and she got me horny.' Nobody openly masturbated in the showers but there was a bathroom off the showers where guys would go in the stalls and take care of themselves. Again, we all knew it happened but no one ever mentioned it.

Mike, Kevin, Jerry and I still jacked off together from time to time but still never touched each other unless we were holding our cocks together comparing length. They used to make me pull my foreskin back exposing the head saying I had an unfair advantage. I also had encounters with other friends at sleepovers where we would do the same. By this time I noticed I was leaking some kind of clear fluid when I was aroused. I never asked anyone what it was and never noticed my friends having this happen. I just assumed it was something uncircumcised guys had happen and decided to call it 'dick oil' since it was slick and felt great when jacking.

The next year in gym there was a different group of guys in my class. The legendary 'third eye' trick was reborn for a while and a guy across from me asked if I was so-n-so's brother or relative. Before I could answer he called this guy over that was a Senior and still naked from showering. Pointing at my dick he said to the Senior 'he's got one like yours'. Looking at his, he was also uncircumcised, the first teen I had ever seen like me. His was different though not having so much skin hanging over the end. He smiled widely and said 'About time, I thought I was the only one'. What he did next suprised me. He reached out and pinched the end of my dick slightly, saying 'I wish I had this much skin. That's so cool.' He then turned and walked back to his locker. I was beet red with embarrassment at having been touched but nobody said anything and we got dressed and class ended. For the rest of the year I was his 'little brother', his reason being 'us skins got to stick together'. It was kind of cool since Seniors didn't interact with us Junior High guys much and he'd always make it a point to say hi and introduce me around.

Also that year Mike and I seemed to be separating as friends. Not in a bad way, we just started hanging with different crowds and discovered girls. The only time we hung together were the sleepovers that happened every four to six weeks when our parents got together and played cards. Mike hooked up with a girl down the street and I ended up with one that lived across town. On these sleepovers we would tell Jerry and Kevin tales of our sexual prowess and make up blatant lies about how far we had gone. Mike and I knew we were both lying (Kevin and Jerry probably did too) but it was all in good fun. We'd end up hard and doing like we always do and end up in a row in a race to see who could shoot first.

I could go on and on but I'll skip forward to the summer after our Freshman year and finish this up.

Mike and I had become more distant that year. He was more academic than I and ended up in some science group after school. I ended up going the sports route and was busy with that. We were both dating the same girls as the previous years and double dated from time to time but the sleepovers always had one of us missing. I was either with the sports crowd or Mike with his group. My girlfriend moved just after Christmas so that ended the double dating and I felt left out. I don't remember ever jacking off like we used to.

School finally ended and for the first time since I couldn't remember when the four of us were going to sleep over in the pool house. We spent the afternoon and evening swimming and after dinner were just hanging out catching up while the parents played cards or whatever over at Jerrys. Kevin and Jerry got bored and decided to leave for a while and go and play Kevins new games console, leaving Mike and I alone. We watched TV for a while and then I asked if he wanted to try my weight set since I wanted to work out for a bit. He'd never used any and wanted to see what it was like since he wanted to get some muscles.

We worked up quite a sweat and decided on a quick shower before going back to watching TV. I hadn't seen Mike naked in about a year and I must admit I was envious. By this time I was shaving a few times a week and had a fair amount of hair on my chest and stomach and what I thought was too much above my dick and on my scrotum. My shoulders were broad and my legs were large from working out so much. My nipples were large and odd looking to me and I never really lost all of the 'baby fat' around my waist. I felt like an adult trapped in a 15-year-old body. Mike, on the other hand, was what I wanted to look like. He was the same height as me but kinda thin, no fat anywhere. He wasn't shaving yet but had a nice v-shaped bush above his penis with a small trail leading up to his navel. Not much under his arms and none on his chest. His nipples were perfectly round and not too large. Even his butt looked good with well defined muscles where mine was just round.

Wearing nothing but towels we went back to watching TV and talked again. Mike asked me if I'd found another girlfriend yet. Saying 'no' I asked how he was getting along with his. He said pretty good but he'd let me in on a secret if I was honest with him. Saying I would he told me how we used to lie about how far we'd gone but said he finally got his to give him a hand job and he got to feel inside her panties. Saying it was great but she was a bit rough on his pole. I then confessed that the most I got was a feel through my jeans and I came inside them. This talk had us both hard and our towels were tenting. Mike then asked if I want to do like we used to and compare. I said sure and we stood and dropped our towels and just like we'd always done we stood facing each other, I pulled my skin back exposing the head, and Mike held them together. His was now longer than mine but not as thick. We never used a ruler to see exactly how long they were but I'd guess around six inches.

We just stood there for a minute looking at each other when Mike asks me if it hurt when I was hard. Not really sure what he meant I answered yes, but only when stuck in my jeans. He says that's not what he meant, he meant if it hurt to have a foreskin stretched over my head like that when hard. I almost laughed and told him I thought it felt great, having the skin roll back and forth across the ridge of my head. He then said he always wondered what it would be like to have one and an idea sprouted in my mind but I wasn't sure what he would think about it. I reminded him of my old 'third eye' trick and thought I might be able to roll my skin over his head but we'd have to touch them together to do it. I thought he'd say no but he didn't even hesitate and said it would be ok as long as I didn't tell anyone.

We then stood cockhead to cockhead, pushing them together slightly as he held his straight. It was a funny feeling and we pulled apart leaving a string of precum connecting them. Mike says 'Ewww what the hell is that?' Not knowing what precum was I told him it was something uncircumcised guys had happen and it was just like thick baby oil and felt good. I milked some out onto my finger and held it out for him to touch which he did. Smoothing it between his fingers he asked if I had any baby oil or something to put on his dick. I ran and grabbed some tanning oil which he slicked himself up with. I then pulled my skin all the way back and we touched tips again. It was easier getting it over his head than I thought and I moved it back and forth a little, feeling his head under my skin. He said 'woah, cool' and suddenly pulled away. He then asked if he could try it and I let him push my skin back, touched together again and he rolled the skin over his head stroking a little. This was the first time anyone had done this to me and I was in heaven feeling someone else rubbing me.

It was my turn to pull away as it was too intense. Mike seemed kind of bummed but went to jacking himself and said he needed to get off. I did too so we sat on the floor side by side like always. Mike then surprised me by asking if he could jack me off. I said I dunno I don't want anyone to find out. He said he wouldn't tell and knew I wouldn't either so I moved his hand away and started stroking him. It felt so much different than mine with my fingers brushing the ridge of his head. He grabbed mine then and we both just stroked slowly feeling each other up. Mike then asked if we should hurry and finish and I got bold and said that when I did myself I took my time. He said he did too. It really didn't take too long though and I was the first to finally tell him to speed up a bit since I was about ready and my hips were involuntarily bucking. Seconds later my first shot flew up about a foot followed by about four more smaller bursts which all landed on Mike's hand and in my pubes. I then got super sensitive and pushed his hand away. Not realising I had stopped jacking Mike he grabbed my hand and urged me on. A half a minute later his breathing got ragged and he said 'here I gooooo-uuuuhhhh'. His first two shots went real high and there was so much cum it seemed like they were connected. A few more bursts streamed out over my hand. I'd never shot that much before or seen anyone else do that much either.

We sat for a few minutes catching our breath and going soft. Then went to the shower to clean up and back to the other room to crash. Mike then said thanks for the foreskin fun and could we do it again some time. I said 'hell yes'. We did continue this off and on through High School until he went away to College. I even 'shared my skin' with Kevin and Jerry a few times but never with anyone else. It was all in good fun and I will always remember the bonding feeling it created.



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