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Ford Excursions

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I began masturbating at age 10, although I was already aware of my body's sexuality at an earlier age. As with most boys, I discovered the pleasures of masturbation in the bath while soaping my privates. Older boys have talked of coming and masturbating five or more times a day but that was something that I had yet to experience. As yet uncircumcised, I would pull back the foreskin and gently rub the frenum while immersing my mind in voluptuous thoughts. I didn't know it was supposed to lead to an orgasm and I usually stopped before I reached it. The first time I had a (dry)orgasm was while straddling the bidet with the steady stream of water tickling my anus. I had soaped up my penis and began to rub my frenum as usual. It stung a bit because of the soap when I pulled back the foreskin but the good feeling intensified until that first unforgettable shock of pleasure nearly jolted me off the bidet. My three-inch erection throbbed and seemed to take on a life of its own and I let it go-it bobbed up and down forcefully as if straining to break free of my body. I think I remember getting goose pimples.

Around the same time, two of my recently orphaned cousins-a girl and a boy-came to stay with us. The boy, Don, was maybe three years older than I was and he was already very much into masturbation as he soon told me. In turn, I told him what I did while straddling the bidet and he said there's another way to masturbate and he'll show me how one time. He had a classmate who, he said, did it everyday with him after school and within the school grounds at that. This other boy, he said, had a big and thick penis that looked like an adult's. Incidentally, he and his friend are both circumcised and my cousin said eventually I would have to have it done-all the boys have it done as some sort of rite of passage once they're old enough to get a girl pregnant. Just before his father died, my cousin underwent this procedure and his description of how it was done made me dread the pain attendant to it but he said that's what turns you into a man. He showed me his erect penis one time while we were in my room and he proudly pointed out how clean it is and how it doesn't smell funny at all. I remember it was only a little bigger than mine when erect.

Anyway, he told me all sorts of masturbation stories involving him and this friend, like going under the school stairs after dismissal and masturbating there. He said he was surprised the first time his friend dragged him there where this boy promptly dropped his pants, spat on his palm and proceeded to jack off even as some teachers were coming down the stairs. While my cousin was afraid of being caught and kept his pants up, this boy just went at it and came in less than a minute. Eventually, he brought over this classmate and the three of us hung out most Saturdays, sometimes trying to hunt birds with my bb gun without really talking about the subject that we really wanted to talk about. This boy was stockily built and I detected an uncouth streak but was otherwise nice and knew how to behave as a guest in someone else's home. He was soft spoken but you could already detect the low timbre of a young man's voice about to emerge. I was curious: what did this boy's penis look like?

Finally, one day, Don said he'll show me how he did it and he'll also let me touch the white stuff that comes out. He said we'll have to wait until after supper then steal out to the garage where our old, unused Ford sat neglected. It seems that it was his special place since he couldn't masturbate at bedtime because he had to share the spare room we gave them with his younger sister. He also made arrangements with his friend to join us and said he'll have him show me his penis too.

After supper that night, we sat in the darkened driveway waiting for his friend to join us. I was getting impatient and couldn't wait so we finally went to the garage, got into the back seat of that ancient Ford, pulled down our pants and proceeded to rub ourselves into our much anticipated erections. No sooner had we started than we spied someone who looked in through the gate then disappeared. That must be him, my cousin said, but I could tell by his voice he was already enjoying himself to care about his friend. It was dark and hot inside that old car even with the windows down. I could feel the sweat in my crotch and I could smell my cousin's who, being older, now has more active glands than I. Somehow, the heat and the smell of sweat made the experience more intense. He asked me how I was masturbating and I told him the usual way I did. Then he reached over, grasped my penis and gave it a few up and down strokes. I nearly sat bolt upright from the sudden sensation but found it pleasurable. This is how you masturbate, keep it up until you get that 'good feeling', he said. I started masturbating the way he showed me and even before I had my dry climax, he started grunting and said he was about to come. He moaned a little then fell silent. Then he said, OK, reach over and touch my hand. When I reached over, my hand landed instead on his still dripping penis and he had to stifle a startled grunt. He said his penis is very sensitive right after the climax. Then he took my hand and gently guided the tips of my fingers onto his cupped hand holding his semen. I remember getting the impression of warm glue. He felt obliged to explain that that's what makes the babies, although I knew that of course. Shortly after, we went inside the house and went to bed. We masturbated together maybe a few more times in that old Ford after that but eventually I preferred to masturbate alone. He did say during one of our sessions that he couldn't wait to put his penis inside a girl, particularly this one hot classmate he had. I finally spurted out semen maybe a year later. I think I may have been 13 or 14 when I was finally circumcised. All through my teenage years, I masturbated a minimum of twice a day. Saturdays, I may have done it three or five times, as most boys at that age did. Even now, I still try to masturbate everyday although sometimes, being too busy or too tired makes me put it off. Doing it after a few days of abstinence, as we know, results in truly copious amounts of ejaculate and a more intense sensation.

It never occured to either of us to masturbate each other or suck each other off. If it occured to him, he never indicated it to me. Sucking was something we just heard about from older boys who said it's a quick way to make a few bucks from those men who like to do it with boys.

We never did get together with his friend who, the next day, said he went to the house, looked in but we weren't there. We made arrangements for another time but his family moved away and we never saw him again. Years later, I learned from my cousin that his friend joined the army and got killed in some battle. Eventually, my two cousins left to live with their older siblings and although we kept in touch and had them over for family gatherings, we never did it together again nor did we ever speak about it. He always seemed to have a pleasant, knowing smile whenever he saw me, though.

All that happened 40 years ago. That old Ford has long gone to the scrap heap and my cousin has since died, a victim in a gang shootout. I've had several lengthy relationships and enjoy making love with women but I have remained single and just like everyone who has posted on this board, I find a special thrill in masturbation. A recent girlfriend always enjoyed watching me get myself off when we can't do it because of her period.



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