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Forbidden Taste

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This is a true real life account of what happens in our bedroom some times.


Well this is a true experience of what happened the first time I told my girlfriend my secret. I have only changed the names. My name is Jack and I am 24, her name is Mindy and she is 21. This story happened when she was 19 a year since we stared dating. Let me share what happens in our bedroom. We were fondling around and we were very aroused when I told her I have a secret. She asked me what it was and after a while of debating it over how shy I am over it I told her. I was by then already naked and she was only wearing her sheer stockings.

I told her about how I find her feet so arousing and would like to do things to her feet. She asked what things and I told her that I wanted her to use her feet to get me off and how I would love to precum loads of semen on her feet and toes. She asked me what is precum and I told her it's when I cum without an orgasm. She asked what do I like about her feet and I told her the shape and the way her second toe is longer than her first. So she stood up and told me to lay on the floor next to the bed while she gets some stuff. She came back with a bottle of massage oil and the belt from her bathrobe. My penis was throbbing with excitement. She tied my hands behind my back and sat on the edge of the bed and took off a stocking and smeared oil over her foot.

I told her how sexy her foot looked and she asked me if I would love to suck on her toes. I said yes. A few moments after that she poured oil over my penis and rubbed it in with her foot. I then just closed my eyes. She then took off the other stocking and started to give me a foot job. I moaned and started to precum over her toes and feet when she suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes and she was smiling. She then resumed what she was doing and stopped before I could orgasm and I cummed on her feet and toes again. She started to rub her clit very fast, and moaned as I laid there still lustful and in need of an orgasm.

She then spoke and said to me to look at the mess I made on her feet and toes. I looked. She asked what did I think about it and I said it looked sexy. She lifted her one foot and told me to clean her foot and suck her toes clean and I said no. She then leaned forward grabbing my penis with her wet hand and said to me to do it or she will stroke my penis as hard as she can. My mouth was half open still wanting to beg her not to make me cum really hard when she stuck her foot in my mouth. It tasted weird but I kind of liked it and the way the gooey stuff feels and tastes like. She kept on stroking my penis with her hand as she told me to clean between her toes and on her foot.

I was almost finished when she started to stroke me off as hard as she can when my body started to jerk. When that happened she swapped her feet around putting a new messy one in my mouth again while my body jerks and I have an orgasm. She smiled and asked if I liked it and I said yes. She said good because she likes it too and said that it made her so horny. She seized the moment and took all the cum that was left on me, lubed me up and started to stroke my cock. As she got nearer to orgasm she took her messy sticky hand and rubbed it all over her pussy. Then I neared orgasm as this was all to much for me and I came as she came. She jacked me dry and I her. Wow, thank you for all the fun hun.



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