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Forbidden Fruit

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Reading the July 14 story, 'First Time Was With A White Boy', prompted me to write about an experience I had many years ago.

Like Janine said, there was a time in the Deep South when blacks and whites did not mix. She talked about in the 60's and 70's. Well think about what it was like in the 40's and 50's. It was certainly a no-no at that time. The experience I am about to share with you started in 1953. I was 13 years old and had leared to masturbate from an older cousin. He had told me if I 'fucked my fist' as he called it, it would feel really good. That night I tried it and he was right. I knew the first time I tried it that I was going to love jacking off. About a month after I started masturbating I walked down to a house below us where this black family lived. They had a son who was a year older than me and we played together all the time. He had two older sisters and two younger sisters. Well, that day he was not home, having gone to town with his dad.

I was very disappointed because I had no one to play with so I walked on down to a creek where we swam a lot. As soon as I got close to the creek I could hear someone splashing in the water. I crept through the bushes until I could see who it was. It was Mary, my friend's younger sister. Mary was my age, 13. I could see the upper part of her body and I was fascinated by her beautiful brown skin. I had peeked at my older sister once and saw her naked. I remember thinking that Mary's brown body was much prettier. My dick got hard immediately. I started to jack off but came up with another plan. Why not join her?

I only wore shorts and undershorts in the summer months so I eased them off and took off running and jumped in the water and landed about three feet from her. It really scared her when I hit the water but as soon as she realized it was me she was OK. She said something about we were not supposed to swim together. You must realize that back in those days, no one that I knew owned a swim suit. I told her that I was OK with it if she was. Plus, I told her that everyone had gone to town except her mom and that she would not come down to the creek. Mary agreed and seemed to relax at that point. She was as fascinated with my white body as I was with her brown body.

Naturally we began the old, 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'. Mary had developed a set of nice tits by that age and I wanted to play with them. She let me rub them while under the water. While playing with her tits I reached for her pussy. I was surprised when she made no attempt to move from my hand. About the time I got my hand between her legs she reached for my dick, which had gotten soft from the cold water. But as soon as her hand touched it it started getting hard.

We explored each other's bodies for a while in the water until I suggested that we get out on the bank so we could see each other. We found us a nice shady place and spread our clothes out and lay on them. Mary told me that she had caught her brother jacking off and wanted to know if she could jack me off. I told her I would love for her to do that. It did not take me long to realize that it felt much better when a girl was doing it than it did when I did it. She ran her hand up and down my hard dick and it didn't take long until I shot cum all over her and her hand. It was then time for me to see my first pussy close up. Mary lay on her back and spread her legs and I got down and examined her pussy. I pulled her lips apart and stuck my finger inside her pussy. I remember how warm it was. I didn't know what a clit was at that point in my life but I started rubbing her pussy on the outside as I ran my finger in and out of her vagina. It didn't take long until Mary was soaking wet and pretty soon she had an orgasm. Her hips were bucking so I could hardly keep my finger inside her.

For the rest of the summer Mary and I sneaked off together every chance we had. Her brother wondered why I did not play with him as much as we used to. I could not tell him, but I had found something much more pleasurable to play with.

Eventually Mary and I started having various forms of sex which continued until we were around 18 years old, but we always enjoyed masturbating each other. When she was 18 she married and moved away. I did not see her again until we were in our 50's. She had turned into a beautiful womam. I hugged and kissed her and we talked about old times. I asked her would she be willing to re-live some of our old experiences and she said she would love to do it with me again. She said, 'With us knowing what we know now about sex, we could really have some fun together.' We didn't have a chance that time and I did not see her again for about 5 years and she was with her husband at that time, so nothing happened.

I am sad to say that Mary passed away early this year. I will never forget the fun we had together and the love we had for each other. Sadly, in that day and time we could never show the love we shared in public. I will always have a special place in my heart for Mary. I often wonder what might have happened between us if things back in the 40's and 50's had been like they are today. Thank you Janine for the article you wrote. It inspired me to write about Mary.



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